What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a trust counsellor, guide or a caring friend of the working world who kindly agrees to commit some of his or her personal time to mentor a student. Mentoring is a learning process as well as a teaching process. The mentor/mentee relationship is one of mutual empowerment. Mentor is synonymous with leadership. It will be most helpful for the mentor and mentee, in the initial stage, to agree on the level of commitment, mode and frequency of interaction, as well as the preferred focus through the mentoring experience.

Roles of Mentor

A mentor may...

Duties of a mentor:

IS student/alumni/professional mentors are preferred to focus on the following in planning their mentoring activities:

The kind of activities and communications totally rest upon the agreement between the mentor and mentee themselves. The mentorship may be formal or informal. Communication may include regular phone calls, e-mail exchanges, lunch-time or after-work meetings to discuss areas of interest, concern and further development.

Mentors and mentees may set alternative focus and activities they are interested in. It is expected that the mentors can meet their mentees throughout the semester and at times convenient to both parties.