IS Student Development Mentorship Scheme

The IS Student Development Mentorship Scheme (ISSDMS) is organized by the Department of Information Systems (IS) at City University of Hong Kong, with the aim to build up a channel for our IS students, alumni (and professionals) to share their experiences and advices with current students.

In each academic year, IS senior student mentor groups will be formed, and each senior student mentor group will consist of two to three senior student mentors, and four to five pairs of student mentors. While each pair of student mentors will take care of six to nine Year 1 or 2 students (mentees). One to two alumni mentors (professional mentors) will be assigned to each student mentor team. All mentors are encouraged to share their precious experience on studying, career development and personal pursuits with their mentees via gatherings such as casual gatherings, outings, or even office activities. We trust that our IS alumni mentors (professional mentors) and student mentors will be committed to make them available and be willing to offer help to their mentees whenever necessary. Also, we believe that our mentees will also, actively and proactively, participate and organize mentor group activities respectively.

Matching of mentors and mentees will be based on mentors' background and expertise, and mentees' study and career interest. At the beginning of each academic year, ISSDMS will organize an ice-breaking kick-off gathering (First Mentor-Mentee Meeting) which is the first important meeting for mentors to get to know their mentees and vice versa. During the academic year, three to four more social events will be organized by ISSDMS. Mentors and mentees are strongly encouraged to organize their own group activities at a mutually convenient time scheduled among themselves. At the end of each academic year, ISSDMS will organize an award scheme to nominate/select outstanding alumni mentors, mentees, and ISSDMS committee members, to recognize their excellent participation in the scheme. The awards will be presented in a formal Mentor-Mentee Meeting at the end of the academic year. Also, the award winners may be invited for external interviews by the mass media.

Kindly note that the commitment of mentors is on a voluntary and annual basis.

To summarize, we believe that our IS mentors' contributions and experiences will be vital to, not just the development of current IS students, but also the future pillars of our IS society. It is also a good way for IS alumni to contribute back to their Alma Mater.