Final Year Project

The aim of this elective course is to broaden the student's knowledge in the application of information technology in the business environment. The students will choose an area within the BBAIS or BBAEC programme that covers applied work in information systems or electronic commerce. They are expected to apply business knowledge, technical skills and information technology in developing a commercially workable solution to a specific business problem or opportunity. Students will need to understand the reasons for major business, design and implementation decisions, and are expected to manage and present the project in a coherent and precise manner.

This course has no formal syllabus. Each student will undertake an individual or small-group development project within the chosen area using skills developed in the programme. Although there will be sponsors from the business community and the Department, students are encouraged to propose their own topics in consultation with the course instructor, who serves as project supervisor for all topics. For projects in a specialised area, a staff member will be the "Resident consultant". The "Resident consultant" will provide expertise on the student's project subject.

The topic area of the project will be chosen and the scope will be defined so that the aims of the project can be achieved. Criteria for choice include: compatibility with the contents of the programme, compatibility with the interests of the department, availability of necessary specialised resources, local business interest and significance.

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  • 3CQ
  • Abacus Instant Messaging System (AIMS)
  • Business eSolution - Management Decision Support
  • eLoyalty Portal
  • Interactive Learning Channel - Web Applications
  • iTelephony Market Research System
  • Interactive Web-site for HKCBA
  • M-Portal - Pacific Asia Bridge Federation
  • MMS Touring Guide
  • Mobile Game - mr.021 Dream Kart
  • Mobile Workflow Management Systems
  • MultiMedia Mobility
  • Project Management Services
  • Secured Mobile Transaction System
  • Service Management Express
  • Travel Consultants Portal - eCRM & KM Solution
  • Virtual Community Project - Recruitment Services
  • Voice IS
  • Web Services for Workflow and Project Management
  • Web-based Data-mining Decision Support System