Comments from Students and Employers

Here are some comments from our current students, alumni and some employers:

Miss Edith Cheng (Alumni)
Senior Associate, Price Water House Coopers
"I learned problem solving skills from the BBAIS Program."

Mr. Leo Tong (Alumni)
IT Officer, HSBC
"I got lots of practical and research experiences in my Year 3. When I worked in the IT department of a bank after I graduated, I could understand why we were a step ahead than other people".

Dimple Thadani
Student, BBA(IS)
"After studying the BBAIS programs, I learned the way to solve problems logically. I also knew how to solve different matters by using computer."

Joseph Kong
Student, BBA(IS)
"BBAIS program could deepen my knowledge in Information Systems. I also learned interpersonal skills and project management skills from the coursework and projects."

Mr. Terence Tung
General Manager. Limited
"I believe that there is potential to develop E-business in HK."

Mr. Thomas Chung
Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
"Electronic Commerce is similar to a calculator or an information application. It is to increase the efficiency of doing business and operating business processes. Nowadays, Electronic Commerce is developing bloomy in both Mainland and HK."