Experiential Learning

FB5700 MBA Orientation (required) - 1 credit
This 2-day course serves as a roadmap for MBA participants by highlighting the important components of the programme. They will also have the opportunity to reflect their learning style and characteristics through the special designed team building exercises.

FB5771 Business Ethics and Sustainability (2 credits)
This course seeks to provide an understanding of sustainable business. Students are expected to gain a broad understanding of business and the interconnectedness between business and its environment. Through a range of interactive learning experiences, students will ultimately develop implementable plans to create or change business organizations so that they minimize any negative impact on their environment. We explore the meaning of sustainability, dimensions of sustainability, learn how to keep score of the business impact in each dimension, strategies for achieving sustainability, and implementation plans.

FB6700 MBA Project (3 credits)
This course aims to provide a vehicle for students to relate theory to practice and to demonstrate enhanced managerial competence through the investigation and analysis of a significant business problem in a chosen area of management operation or strategy, and by the implementation of appropriate proposals to tackle the business problem.

FB6701 MBA Enterprise Diagnostic Residential Trip (3 credits)
This course provides an excellent opportunity for students to think creatively and work in multi-disciplinary groups when time and resources are limited under a new and ambiguous environment outside Hong Kong. Students will be grouped into several teams with varied levels of required skills and experience. Each team will analyse a real business problem facing with the host company and develop an action plan for the consideration of the company. Under the guidance of the assigned supervisors, students are expected to apply appropriate theories and use appropriate research methodologies, such as interview and questionnaire survey with relevant parties (e.g., managers, frontline staff, vendors of the host organization, and even customers), analyse the problems, develop alternative solutions, and produce presentation and written report for the host organization. It provides participants the opportunity to explore and master their business knowledge from the hands on experiences. [ more ]

FB6702 Professional Forum (2 credits) / FB6702A Professional Forum (1 credit)
This course aims to give participants insights into the practical aspects of doing business in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. It provides participants a platform to refresh and expand their business knowledge by dynamic interactions with our guest speakers, as well as enhancing their business networking. [ more ]

FB6703 (A/B) - Industry On-site Workshop (1 or 2 credits)
This course is designed to provide students in-depth, well-rounded business experiences with an opportunity to visit various industries in the Mainland China and meet with respective senior management to widen their business exposure and networking. [ more ]

FB6705 – Business Mentoring (1 credit)
This course is designed to help students to obtain more real business experience in terms of broadening their minds, enhancing their capability, building their social network, and developing their careers through professional coaching, advices, and insights by successful business leaders. Priority will be given to full-time students with less work experience. [ more ]

FB6709 Entrepreneurship and Venture Plan Development (3 credits) 

This course aims to provide the tools and the know-how for the students to use innovation and entrepreneurship in the corporate setting, or in the open market. Students will have the opportunity to visit and interact with entrepreneurs and senior executives of a broad range of successful businesses, corporations, and organizations in a selected location typically outside Hong Kong. They will be exposed to different national environments, advantages/disadvantages and problems/opportunities associated with various forms of business operations, and management strategies of global organizations. more ]

FB6774 MBA Internship/Community Service (3 credits)
This course provides students with the required work experience in local and overseas contexts for a period of time. With placements in international businesses, banking, financial services, insurance, accountancy firms, etc. based on students’ career or professional interest, students are expected to gain a practical understanding of business operations and the professional contexts in which they are expected to apply the theory and skills they have learned in the formal curriculum.

FB6775(A/B/C) Business Case and Action-Based Study (1/2/3 credits)
This course aims to provide students the opportunity to pursue new knowledge, skills, and technical problem solving opportunities by joining business case and action-based study.

FB6777 Global Brand Management Workshop (3 credits)
This course aims to increase understanding of the important issues in planning and evaluating brand strategies; to consider the best and most innovative frameworks, models and tools to make effective branding decisions; to understand how the digital economy is affecting brands and how to maximise the branding opportunities that it affords; and to provide practical workshops for attendees to apply these principles. more ]