Programme Fees (2020/21)

The programme follows a credit unit system. A minimum of 40 credit units (General Curriculum), 49 credit units (One Concentration) and 58 credit units (Double Concentrations) are required for graduation.

Estimated total programme fee (subject to adjustment)

  Credit Unit Fee  General Curriculum
(40 credits) 
One Concentration* 
(49 credits) 
Double Concentrations 
(58 credits)
Local  HK$8,000   HK$320,000   HK$392,000   HK$464,000
Non-Local  HK$9,200 HK$368,000   HK$450,800 HK$533,600

Additional costs will apply for courses with activities outside Hong Kong (e.g. FB6701, FB6709 & FB6777), and the course fees will be the same for both local and non-local students.

Some applicants may be recommended to take the Concentration Curriculum, especially those without sufficient work experience.

Information about payment schedule and methods is available from:

All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable and subject to yearly review.  

Credit Transfer for Equivalent Courses

Participants who possess a recognized master's degree from relevant business discipline may apply for credit transfer for equivalent courses, up to 30% of the credit load of the MBA programme. Courses completed for fulfilling professional qualifications which are equivalent to a bachelor's degree will not be considered for credit transfer.

Other Fee Payment upon Admission

  • Graduation Fee*: HK$400
  • CityU Postgraduate Association Membership Fee:
    Full-time: HK$300
    Part-time/Combined Mode: HK$150
  • Insurance: HK$290 (non-local participants only)
  • Information about other fees applicable to CityU taught postgraduate students is available from

All fees are non-refundable or non-transferable and subject to yearly review.

*Students will be charged a Graduation Fee upon enrolment in a programme. The Graduation Fee will be refunded to the student who subsequently withdraws before graduation or whose studies are being terminated by the University.