Experiential Learning in London, UK
Global Brand Management Workshop   

Remark: Programme in Europe is subject to review and change.

The Global Brand Management Workshop addresses an important and timely question on brand equity and how we may build it by leveraging the latest digital channels available to organisations.   Partnered with Imperial College of London, this programme is project driven involving a real case project and company visits alongside the academic programme in which addresses the key branding decisions faced by organisations today.  The company projects in the past few years (i.e. Edwardian Group, Bentley Motors, and Tesco) offered students the opportunities to work with its branding teams, which helped widen their horizons and global perspective.

More details on previous trips:

Contents of the programme

  • Contemporary issues (e.g., big data analytics, social media, and digital technology) in brand management
  • Strengthening brand equity with marketing communications mix
  • Luxury product branding
  • Strategic pricing, distribution, and operational issues in global brand building


Programme Structure

  Brand building
  • How to build strong, enduring brands
  Brand management
  • How to keep brands strong over time and how to grow them
  • Managing luxury brands
  Brand measurement
  • Measuring, tracking and communicating brand equity

Teaching Approach and Speakers

The teaching approach is varied and interactive, involving a combination of the following:

  • Lectures with world class professors in brand management
  • Lectures with influential industry experts in brand management
  • The experiential learning in design thinking and performance simulator delivered by Royal College of Art and/or Royal College of Music respectively