Department of Management
AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Study MPhil/PhD

The Department offers exceptional research opportunities in the areas of organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship, human resources management, innovation and new product development, international business, strategic management, and related areas. Our research students conduct research in motivation, job attitudes, business ethics, e-business, performance management, learning and development, strategic and managerial issues in developing new products and new businesses, organisation culture, organizational justice, and Japanese management practices, among others.

Research is strongly supported by the University, which provides excellent computer and library facilities as well as generous research funding. The Department also facilitates research by organizing international conferences, hosting visits by world-renowned scholars, and publishing a working paper series. Over the years, our departmental staff members have published in a number of leading international journals, such as the Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Human Relations, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Journal of Product Innovation Management, among others. Every effort is made to actively involve research students in activities of this nature, both to enhance the quality of their training and to improve their placement prospects upon graduation.

Our research degree students come from different parts of the world and have varying backgrounds such as business, international business studies, linguistics, and psychology. Our research degree programme helps students acquire advanced knowledge and research skills in specialised areas and our graduates enjoy excellent career prospects. Some of our graduates have pursued further studies in reputable universities overseas, while others have taken teaching and academic research positions in tertiary institutions.

M.Phil applicants are expected to have a relevant Bachelor's degree with first or second class honours from a recognised university; or a taught Master's degree from a recognised university; or an equivalent qualification. In addition, the university requires proficiency in English.

Ph.D. applicants should register as a M.Phil student first and then seek transfer to Ph.D. candidature; or hold a higher degree by research from a recognised university, or an equivalent qualification. In addition, the university requires proficiency in English.

Program Objectives

  • Contribute to the advancement of knowledge through independent and original research;
  • Demonstrate specialist subject knowledge and a high level of transferable skills, including analytical, communication and leadership skills;
  • Enhance economic, social and cultural development.

The College of Business is ranked 38th worldwide and 4th in the Asia-Pacific region amount top business schools, based on publications in the most prestigious business academic journals in UTD Business School Research Ranking. We aim to sustain our outstanding performance and competitiveness through delivering innovative research that impact positively on business and society, and offering of high quality programmes.

Research foci/expertise in the Department of Management include:

(1) Human Resources Management:
Chinese Human Resource Management; Recruitment & Selection; Training & Development; Selection and Assessment;

(2) Organizational Behaviour:
Organization Theory; Organizational Change; Sociology of Work; Organizational Justice; Coaching; Conflict Resolution and negotiation, Leadership; Risk & Uncertainty; Social Constructionism; Business Ethics; job attitudes; virtual teams;

(3) Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management:
New Product Management; New Product Forecasting; Innovation & Creativity; entrepreneurship;

(4) International Business:
International Management; International Organizational Behaviour; MNC Control and Staffing; international alliances; Intercultural Communication; Comparative Management; Japanese management practices; Culture and cognition, Psychology of biculturals, Cross-Cultural Research Methods;

(5) Strategic Management:
Strategic Management; Strategic Management of Financial Resources; Competitive & Cooperative Strategy; Decision-making; Strategy and Policy; Corporate Governance and Political Strategy in Transitional Economies (China); Mergers and acquisitions (M&A);

(6) Corporate Social Responsibility:
Business Ethics; Stakeholder Management; Corporate Social Responsibility.


Research Degree Programmes

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