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AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Programme Structure

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The program takes one year on a full-time basis, or four semesters on a part-time basis, to complete and offers a variety of courses pertaining to global business management. Students can also select elective courses most suitable to their career interests.

Students have to complete 10 Courses (8 Core + 1 Core Elective +  Elective) with 30 credits in total.

Course Code Course Title Credit Stream Part-time Full-time (One Year)

International Organizational Behaviour

3 Core Year 1


MGT6325 International Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship 3 Core Year 1 Required
MGT6323 Cross-Cultural Negotiation 3 Core Year 1 Required
MGT6326 Managing International Business 3 Core In Yr 2 if Part-time Required
AC5803 Financial Statement Analysis in Global Context 3 Core In Yr 2 if Part-time Required
MGT6314 Global Human Resources Management 3 Core Year 1 Required
Core Elective

ONE Core Elective

MGT6904: Overseas Business Discovery


MGT6324: Doing Business in Asia

3 Core
Year 1 Required
MGT6066 Global Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibilities 3 Core In Yr 2 if Part-time Required
EF5043 International Finance 3 Core In Yr 2 if Part-time Required
Elective ONE Elective from elective pool 3 Elective In Yr 2 if Part-time Required
Elective Pool
MGT6202 Leadership: Managing in Adverse Situations 3 Elective
IS6200 Blockchain Technology and Business Applications 3 Elective
IS6600 Global Information Systems and Knowledge Management Applications in Organisations 3 Elective


  • Programme structure, course titles and content are subject to change with continuous review.
  • Not all subjects will be offered in the given year, subject to factors such as faculty availability, enrolment number, programme resources and so on.
  • For a given cohort, a time-clash-free timetable will be arranged only for core courses. Timetable and offering semesters are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Quota for each elective is limited subject to availability. In case of a full class or time clash, students should take other elective courses without affecting core courses.

This is one of the most popular graduate level programs in the College of Business. Because of being the first of its kind in Hong Kong, it is also very popular in Hong Kong. In order to achieve a high level student-staff interaction, we admit about fifty students each year. We attract high quality students, most of whom have full-time jobs in reputable governmental and non-governmental organizations. Some of the candidates hold positions at senior and executive levels. As a result, our program can further enhance the career prospects of our students both within their current organizations or other organizations.

Applicants are expected to have either a degree with second class honors or above or equivalent. Those with at least three years of post-qualification or professional experience in global business-related activities or Chinese related activities, or two years of post-qualification managerial and/or professional experience (for applicants with first degrees or equivalent qualifications in business or related disciplines), will have priority.