Department of Management
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Why Study MAGBM?

In recognition of the growing needs for highly developed global management skills, our department offers a Master of Arts degree in Global Business Management. The first of its kind in Hong Kong, this specialist programme helps students learn unique skills and insights which are required for conducting business successfully across political, economic, and cultural boundaries, and to become highly competent in integrating the global dimensions of key business functions.

We believe that modern technology will continue to press for globally standardised operating techniques and practices. We also think that global business managers need to understand such issues as comparative political risk, exchange risk, and personal conflicts between managers from different countries. As a result, the foundation courses in the first year provide students with a solid grounding in global business management, while the second year courses offer students multinational strategies, knowledge of comparative management in Asian countries, as well as managerial practices in China.

The following list shows some of the key reasons to choose the City University MA in Global Business Management:

  • Global Orientation. All subjects are global in orientation: they go beyond Hong Kong and China. This has become even more important after China's successful accession to the WTO. The vast majority of lecturers in the program are not from Hong Kong, and with significant international experience.
  • Innovative Teaching.The programme employs both traditional and out-of-classroom learning; melding the theoretical with the practical through field trips and guided research projects; both virtual (through video-conferencing) and real.
  • Learning through Experience Sharing. Average work experience of a typical student in the course is eight years. Some students already occupy senior executive positions in their respective organizations.

Applicants are expected to have either a degree with second class honors or above or equivalent. Those with at least three years of post-qualification or professional experience in global business-related activities or Chinese related activities, or two years of post-qualification managerial and/or professional experience (for applicants with first degrees or equivalent qualifications in business or related disciplines), will have priority.