Department of Management
AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Programme Structure

There are 9 core courses for the MSOM program, which all students must take.


Course Code

Course Title

Credit Stream
MGT5204 Organizational Behaviour  3 Core
MGT5205 Strategic Management  3 Core
MGT6318 Employee Engagement and Performance 3 Core
MGT5507 Effective Managerial Decision Making  3 Core
MGT5508 Management Consulting Skills  3 Core
MGT6202 Leadership: Managing in Adverse Situations   3 Core
MGT6209 High Performance Collaborations  3 Core
MGT6532 Organizational Development and Change  3 Core
MGT6531 Organizational Consulting Project  6 Core


  • Programme structure, course titles and content are subject to change with continuous review.
  • Not all subjects will be offered in the given year, subject to factors such as faculty availability, enrolment number, programme resources and so on.
  • For a given cohort, a time-clash-free timetable will be arranged only for core courses. Timetable and offering semesters are subject to change without prior notice.