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Research Support

Many different internal and external opportunities for research grants are available for the faculty in the department. Internal start-up grants are available to all new faculty. Recently, the Dean’s Office also provides research grants based on annual research output. Strategic Research Grant (SRG) from the university has also been an important source of financial support from which the faculty has benefited. In addition, our faculty members have been very successful in obtaining external competitive research grants such as the General Research Fund (GRF) and the Early Career Scheme (ECS).   

Project Title
(On-going From 07/2019 to 06/2020)
Name of Investigator Funding Source
Being an Extra Miler When Feeling Overqualified? Overqualification, Extra-role Behavior, Career Development, and the Moderation of Organizational Identification and Leader Humility Dr Melody Jun ZHANG ECS
Status Change in the Aftermath of Environmental Shocks in Insurance Industry Prof LI Xiao StUp
Collective Entrepreneurship in Collaborative Ecosystems Dr AHN Yoojung SRG
An Examination of Leader Humility, Self-construal, and Leader Performance Dr Elsa CHAN SRG
Voice Habit: Dimensions, Measurement, and Validation  Dr LAM Chak Fu SRG
The Role of Status and Brokerage under Spencian Uncertainty and Knightian Uncertainty Prof LI Xiao SRG
Branding Options and Performance Implications: Empirical Evidence from International Franchise Hotels in China   Dr LIAW Chya-Yi Emily SRG
Whether and How: The Influence of Chair-CEO Pair on Firm Performance Prof MA Xufei SRG
Gift Exchange and Downward Opportunism in Experimental Labor Markets Dr Long WANG SRG
Emergence of Novel Practices, Organizations, and Markets in the Financial Sector: A Mixed-method Institutional Analysis Dr YAN Shipeng SRG
VC Investment Decisions Under Uncertainty Prof Haibin YANG SRG
The Growth of Chinese Firms in the 2000s: Responses to Performance Feedback Dr YU Shu SRG
Project Title
(On-going From 07/2018 to 06/2019)
Name of Investigator Funding Source
Paying it Forward in Experimental Labor Markets Dr Long WANG RGC
Foreign Direct Investment and the Founding of Local Startups Prof MA Xufei StUp
Coalition or Contestation? The Impact of the (Un)alignment of CEO-Board’s Position Insecurity on Firm Performance According to Agency and Power Circulation Perspectives Prof Ziguang CHEN SRG
Business Group CSR Reputation and the Value of Affiliated Firms Prof MA Xufei SRG
Venture Capital Portfolio Investment under Uncertainty: Real Options and Networks Prof Haibin YANG SRG
Understanding Novel Forms of Organizations in the Financial Sector: An Institutional Analysis Dr YAN Shipeng SRG
Bilateral Legal Treaties and Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment Dr YU Shu SRG
Project Title
(On-going From 07/2017 to 06/2018)
Name of Investigator Funding Source
Golden Kids and Outcasts: How Leader-member Exchange Social Comparisons (LMXSC) Shape an Actor’s Interpersonal Behavior Toward a Target Member Dr Catherine Ka Fung LAM RGC
Strategic Signaling and IPO Performance: A Social Judgment Perspective Prof William Wan RGC
Communication at Work Dr LAM Chak Fu StUp
Time Perspective in Crowdfunding Dr Elsa CHAN StUp
Dynamic Managerial Capabilities in Collaborative Workspaces: Implications of Shared Human Capital, Social Capital, and Cognition Dr KIM Kyoung Yong StUp
Examining Social Exchange Relationships at Work: A Multilevel Perspective Dr Linda Chang WANG StUp
Compassion or Passion? Which has More Value for Social Entrepreneurship Dr Elsa CHAN SRG
High Performance Work Practices and Human Resource Department's Organizational Embodiment Dr KIM Kyoung Yong SRG
LMX Differentiation and Team Effectiveness: An Examination of  Dual Processes and Team Types Dr Linda Chang WANG SRG
Non-normative Punishment: How and Why do People Use It? Dr Long WANG SRG
PALSI Leader Coaching to Enhancing Student Creativity and Entrepreneurial Intention Dr Christina Sue-Chan T&L
Coding, Design, and Global Involvement: Engaging Students in Multi-domain Active Learning Through the Creation of Mobile Apps and an Apps Resource Centre (ARC)  Dr Andy Kwan T&L
Project Title
(On-going From 07/2016 to 06/2017)
Name of Investigator Funding Source
Gift-exchange and unethical reciprocity in experimental labor markets Dr Long WANG GRF
Enhancing Expatriation Effectiveness: The Mitigating Effect of Attachment Security on Perceived Threat in Intercultural Conflict Prof Ziguang CHEN GRF
Project Title
(On-going From 07/2015 to 06/2016)
Name of Investigator Funding Source
Standing in the Customers Shoes: Joint Effects of Perspective Taking and Proactive Personality on Customer Service Performance Prof Ziguang CHEN GRF
The Burden of Seeing You: Relationship Conflict, Depletion, and Interpersonal Harming and Helping Behaviors Dr Catherine Ka Fung LAM GRF
Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Litigation Risk Dr Cuili QIAN SRG-Fd
Leader-member Exchange Relationships in Teams and Group Effectiveness: A Power Hierarchy Approach Dr Linda Chang WANG SRG-Fd
The Paradox of Punishment and Trust Dr Long WANG
Golden Kids and Outcasts: How Leader-member Exchange Social Comparisons (LMXSC) Shape an Actor’s Interpersonal Behavior Toward a Target Member Dr Catherine Ka Fung LAM GRF
CSR and Firm Litigation Risk: Symbol or Substance? Dr Cuili QIAN SRG-Fd
Consequences of Different Forms of LMX Configurations in Teams Dr Linda Chang WANG SRG-Fd
Project Title
(On-going From 07/2014 to 06/2015)
Name of Investigator Funding Source
Creativity as a (Double-Edged) Pragmatic Moral Sword Dr Long WAN ECS
Project Title
(On-going From 07/2013 to 06/2014)
Name of Investigator Funding Source
Locked in Time: The Temporal Inertia of Traditional Governance Research Prof Brian Keane BOYD StUp
Paradigm Development in Chinese Management Research: The Role of Research Methodology Prof Brian Keane BOYD GRF
Discovering the World of Management: Insights from Senior Students, Alumni, Faculty Member, and Business Practitioners Dr Andy Siu On KWAN TDG(CityU)
Consequences of Supervisor Emotional Exhaustion: Abusive Supervision, Subordinate Deviance, and Self-Monitoring Dr Catherine Ka Fung LAM ECS
Project Title
(On-going From 07/2012 to 06/2013)
Name of Investigator Funding Source
Managerial Spillover Effects on Local Firms' Managerial Innovation and the Moderating Roles of Absorptive Capability and Local FDI Density Prof Muammer OZER GRF
The Bright and Dark Sides of Delegation: Principals, Agents, and Morality Dr Long WANG GRF