Department of Management
AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Career Development Points System (CD-PTs)

The Career Development Point System is set up with the objective to provide motivation for students to join various workshop and training activities that enable them to better prepare for their future career developments in business. Students can accumulate 35 points preferably before the final academic year would be awarded a customized personal reference letter issued by the Department before graduation. The letter is proven to be very useful in student’s job hunting process.

Students are encouraged to attend the following career related activities actively to accumulate points, which include:

  • Any career preparation seminar by SDS/CLC: 2 pts per hour
  • Any info / recruitment talk organized by SDS/CLC: 2 pts per hour
  • Dining and wine etiquette organized by MGT Dept: 12 pts
  • Student Entrepreneurship Project organized by MGT Dept: 14 pts
  • Career mentoring programme by MGT Dept: 5pts
  • Any business competition promoted and approved by MGT/ SDS/CB: 10pts for participation / 15pts for winning
  • Any career seminar organized by MGT Dept: 8 pts
  • 20hr or more voluntary work for MGT Dept or for a non-profit 5-10 pts
  • Any other adhoc career related activities (subject to approval): 5-10 pts

Please submit your documents, together with a professional-written resume, to the Coordinator if you have accumulate sufficient points on or before week 15 after semester commences (Semester A & B). Points may subject to changes without prior notice.  For any query, please consult the Program Coordinator: Dr. Toni Maria TONG (

Download Area :

  1. Career Development Points – Proof of attendance
  2. Career Development Points – Record Summary