Department of Management
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Career Residential Workshop

This program assists students in Final Year in their job search, and helps them to start planning for their future career. While the primary responsibility for finding employment is placed on each student, this program assists graduating students in getting their careers rolling.

Workshops are organized covering a range of topics that help students prepare for their future careers. Students can choose to attend any workshop that they feel meets their needs.


A fruitful sharing for most of the university students, which I would recommend holding more events for students self development.” (Chow Kwun Yin, SIM)

The workshop is a highly interactive, hands-on learning experience for our students, and was conducted by fully certified and experienced industrial trainers and alumni.

The presentation part on day 2 is exceptional as I can get a chance to hear others’ innovative business ideas as well as understanding how to improve storytelling techniques by learning from others and also practicing.” (NG Tsz Yan, HRM)

I am really thankful that the Department and Dr. Tong can hold this meaningful events for us. It is really a treasurable chance for us to know more about ourselves, and also the outside world, which probably will not be taught at school. The presentation and story telling skills are also useful for us. I hope that the department and hold more events like this one.” (Yeung Yin Ling, MGMT)

“The training sessions were interactive and knowledgable. The entire learning atmosphere is relaxing and interesting yet we can learn a lot.” (YUEN Ka Lai, MGMT)

Career Residential Workshop was a 2-day 1-night intensive, interactive seminar focused on practical career training of students.  The workshop is activity and collaborative based where participants were actively involved. There is absolutely no “traditional lecture approach”. This year is the kick-start of our Career Strategies Series. 

“Trainers were able to keep the sessions educational and fun simultaneously,with both knowledge delivering and field participating, which are all very effective.” (Zhang He, IB)

The focus of this year workshop is professional interpersonal skills, which are critical skills needed to communicate successfully in the modern business environment. Every organization seems to have at least one or two people who seem to know and work well with all types of colleagues.  These people seems to: 1) accomplish tasks more successfully; 2) to negotiate and influence people with less stress; and 3) possess a natural ability  to lead and steer the team to success effortlessly. What is the secret behind? The ability to build and maintain workplace relationships.

“It was interesting and useful because this activity provided a hands-on opportunity for us to practice and apply what we have learnt on the first day of the training” (LEE Ho Yin, HRM)

While building & maintaining positive relationships is an art, fortunately, it also can be learned. The workshop was a highly interactive, hands-on learning experience for our students, and was conducted by fully certified and experienced trainers. Students were required to be fully involved in learning activities, including interactive exercises, discussions, and active sharing of opinions and information. In this intensive 2-day workshop, students learned how to overcome workplace obstacles by applying interpersonal communication techniques strategically as a leader. Other practical training content includes discovering personal communication preferences profile and conversation interaction practice.


This is an intensive program aimed to provide students with practical and insightful tools to develop their professional careers. Prominent industry professionals are invited as guest speakers to give high energy workshops and talks on jobs and careers.

Job Search Assistance / Career Advice

In addition to seminars and talks about job search strategies and career advice, faculty members are also available to help counsel students on a one-on-one basis.

         "It is an excellent programme that provides us, as potential employees, the useful information about the HR trend and market. I gained a basic understanding of the China Labor Law which is some brand new knowledge to me. The content of the presentation is easy to understand which is very good for those who have no idea about the China Labor Law.  I hope this programme will continue so that more MGT students could be benefited from it."

NG Ka Yan

         "The programme is well-organized. It is very useful and a meaning experience for me. I really enjoy the section from Ms. Marlene Ma. She is very enthusiastic about her teaching. Although she is not a teacher, she did a good job in delivering the China Labor Law knowledge. She is patient in answering all of our questions; even they may seem stupid to her though. Also, her Mandarin is easy to follow. All these factors make the learning very effective and joyful."

CHU, Nga Yee Vivian

         "I knew more and understood more about the current job market, and really gained some knowledge on interview skills. The content for the NLP workshop was interesting and the setting of the interaction part with students is nice that could allow students to have close communication with the speaker. Besides, I really understood more and got some tips for applying jobs in Japanese companies. For example, writing a CV which would likely be accepted by Japanese companies, and some interview suggestions. Moreover, the Japanese mock interview really gave me a direction on how should I prepare myself."

HUI Ka Yan

         "The career residential workshop creates the platform for me to learn and have a better preparation for my future career development.  Provide a clear guideline for me. Dr. Sunny Fong’s speech is useful for me to better understand my expectation and needs for the job. It is important for me to find the job that I like and match my capability. The talk by Mr Tommy Chan was interesting as the speaker was the CityU students. His speech is useful for me to know the job path may not keep smooth and I need to find and create the opportunity by myself."

LUI, Yan Cho

         "Career Development Program helps me to have clear mindset on developing my career. “Don’t say difficulties but challenging.” I remembered it during working especially when I knew that I would be work for a harsh job. From those words taught by Mr. John LAI, I understand that challenging means chances for improvement. We must pass through several barriers to get what we want. Also, John always tells us that good attitude is another secret for driving you to success. During the program, he shared his valuable and real experience that we may experience later. It helps me to have better preparation for work and understand how to work in reality."

Sandy LAM
Staff Accountant
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Audit Division

         "Getting adapted to the workplace is not as easy as I thought. No matter how smart you are, your working skills are not the only elements that make you a success. A good attitude and mindset are equivalently essential for a good career development. Remembering the speech made by Dr. The Honorable Rita FAN HSU Lai-Tai in the Career Development Program, “Chances are always knocking on your door but you have to take the chance and open the door by yourself.” Dare to take the first real step to make your “dreams” come true. Nothing is impossible. Only you yourself could limit your own abilities. Just try and don’t be regret! It might be the major reason why I applied my very first job and was being selected from thousands of the applicants. In this program, not only do I explore more on my career aspiration, but also I was given lots of advices on making my life brighter and more meaningful. It also changes my view on my recent career. Being a Cabin Attendant is not just “Coffee or Tea”, only if you have a warm hospitality to serve the passengers and possess a passion to your work that you could be the real qualified professional flying in the air!"

Cabin Attendant
Japan Airlines International

         "The Career Development Program was one of the most valuable things that I enjoyed most in my final year. The speakers in the Residential Workshop gave me a lot of thoughts and ideas on what and how my future career might be. I could start thinking and planning my future career with their advice and experience. From the Workplace Success Workshop, I learnt to accept different challenges and be tough. “Nothing can never be done.” and “Attitude and passion are always the most critical to success.” With all these treasure, and most importantly the advice and support from John, I got my first job and adapted to it quickly. I really want to thank John for organizing such valuable workshops for us and help us with this own passion and experience."

Anita LAW
Personnel & Administration Assistant (PRC Local)
The Wharf (Holdings) Limited

         "I started consulting John after the 5th Residential Workshop and that's how I began with the Career Development Program. The program helped me prepare myself before stepping in the working society. Whether you get a job offer or not, it's not just about the result, but the process. We all have ups and downs in our life, and so the same in job-searching. However, there must be a reason for anything happens. This is what I learnt from John. Whether or not you pass the interviews and get a job offer, there should be a reason behind. The program helps me think of the better side. Failing in any interviews doesn’t mean you fail in everything. It actually helps me understand myself more and so I can have a better preparation for things coming up next. Without giving up and we can all make it. I would like to thanks Mr. John Lai, who played a very important role throughout the Career Development Program. This program doesn't only work on this moment but it also works on us at anytime in the future. John keeps providing good advices and support from time to time which really makes me feel that I'm not alone on the way. However, we're still the one who takes the action. Just be positive and keep the can-do attitude mentioned by John, everything will go fine eventually."

Maggie LEE
Flight Attendant
Oasis Hong Kong Airline

         "As a fresh graduate with lack of life and working experience, we will face a lot of difficulties during the job searching process. It is easy for us to feel frustrated and depressed; sometimes we will even lose our direction and forget what we are seeking for. I think that it is important for us to maintain positive attitude, prepare ourselves well and being persistence for all the time. These important elements can help us handle and overcome any difficulties. In addition, other’s support is also very important. Luckily, I have the support from John and my dearest friends. John is really a great instructor. He has organized many useful activities and workshops for the final year students. Besides the practical skills of job searching, John has also given me a lot of professional opinions, care and support. His positive wordings really give me lots of encouragement. I think all these can benefit me for a life-long time. I would like to thanks John again and hope all of you will have a bright future."

Alice CHAN
Officer – Learning and Education Department
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

         “Passion! Attitude!” is everything. Throughout the program, you will learn al the essential elements in your future career life. It can help to prepare you well in your near future. After finished the course, I find that all I learnt from the course can benefit me in my life time not only in my career but also my personal life. All the activities in the program really memorable and meaningful, after you graduate you will find that everything in the program can help you to create a valuable memory."

Cherry CHAN
Assistant Personnel & Admin. Supervisor
Uchiya Hong Kong Limited.

         "Writing a presentable resume and developing good interview skills are the key factors for job seeking. However if your goal is not only search a job but develop your career, these "hardware’s" are not sufficient for you. Passion, enthusiasm, positive attitude are the inevitable elements for achieving success but also are something you cannot obtain from textbook. Though different fantastic activities in career development program, John Lai build up our software which is valuable for whole life. He does not only fully support in the areas of personal growth, vocational competence and professional development but also give us some personal advice and treat us as friends. I would like to especially thank our Management Department for the continued support to Career Development program. I would also like to express my heartfelt appreciation to John for their tremendous effort in making Career Development program as successful as it is. Many thanks to him for numerous development workshops, training programs and their professional advice."

Daisy HO
Human Resources Assistant (North Asia)
Orange Business Services

          "Throughout, the Career Development Program taught me not only the skill of writing a presentable resume and having a good interview, but most important, you can learn something that is beneficial to your whole life. As John during this program told us many his valuable experience that we may experience later. And this program also provided us many chances to explore ourselves, to challenge ourselves through several workshops and activities. “Positive attitudes make us attractive”. And I also think that passion can help you success and give positive effect to others, just like Mr. Lai always do."

Assistant Personnel Officer
Hong Kong Dragonair Limited

          "When I really step into this business world, I finally realized that the real working place is totally different from the school environment, for we are not being protected anymore. In face of heavy workloads, stress and inevitable challenges, I gone through the stages of frustration and depression, however I believe it is part of the process which help us growth. It was this Career Development Program that enriches me with the knowledge in the job searching process, what you can learn from it can only be explain unless you have take this program. Last, for everyone is not walking alone, when I am under frustration, the one who is both our tutor and friend ~ Mr. John Lai is standing besides me, giving me valuable advice and encouragement which to me is priceless. I would like to express my gratitude to him and also our department for letting me to experience a fruitful university life under such a wonderful environment."

Human Resources Assistant
Four Seasons Hotel

          “Education is always not enough for a person; it only acts as a very basic foundation for your future path. For the career development program organized by our department, it helps you to know more about what, why, when and how you should prepare before you enter the real market. While others may still enjoying their final year, you are already much better if you have more time to prepare yourself physically as well as psychologically. You may not understand how useful it is now, but you will know that it is definitely an excellent program once you begin your career path. Here, I would like to thank our department as well as our great “friend”---John, as a career development officer, he is always more than happy to share with you, solve your problem and listen to you! That’s what I enjoy most through this program.”

June HAR
Human Resources Assistant,
Hutchison Whampoa Properties Limited

         “I would never know how the working environment looks like if I never participate in the Career Development Program, especially to me, one of those have no working experience. I had a clear picture what the expectations of my prospective employer are and the preparation I should have in advance after participated into the summer internship program and the career residential workshops. I acquired how important the positive attitude help in handling setbacks and difficulties which are inevitable at the very beginning of our career and the reality of working environments from the speakers and my instructor, Mr John Lai. All these valuable experience and sharing had prepared me well and helped me to alleviate the negative feeling and pessimistic factors when I am at work. My heartfelt thanks go to all instructors and staff of my Department for their support and care nurturing the growth of every one of us.”

Human Resources Assistant

          “Confident + Well prepare + Presentable + Energetic + Positive thinking = Secure a job that you want!! This is the key formula that I get after participating in the Career Development Program! Through joining this program, I can not only acquire useful information on how to prepare for my career, but also the attitude and positive thinking that I should have in the job searching process and in my workplace! Besides, the speakers and consultants of this program are all successful men, who carry the same characteristics: confident and presentable, which are so important to an applicant to win in an interview. Thus, I am confident that you can also benefit from the career advice and become successful in your future! I would also like to show my sincere gratefulness to Management Department for supporting us by organizing this program, and also all the assisting parties, especially our Instructor, Mr. John Lai, whose energetic style and the positive attitude can really change me a lot!”

Yuki LAU
Training & Staff Communication Officer
Cathy Pacific Catering Services (HK) Ltd.

          "This program provided me the opportunity to explore my career goals and create a life long plan in developing my career. The workshops and activities were extremely informative and the guest speakers helped me to have deeper insights of the business environment. They also gave me the hints to develop myself so that I could gain the confidence to compete with other candidates in the job market. I also learnt a lot of practical interviewing techniques and built up a positive attitude in seeking a job. When I started my first job after graduation, I really faced a lot of confusions with my work but my career adviser provided me with close support and encouragement in developing my career. When I considered changing my job, the career development officer also gave me lots of valuable advice. Moreover, he successfully referred many students and me including to get a job in Human Resources. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mr. John Lai for his invaluable support in my career development."

Human Resources Officer
Eastpoint Group Limited

          “Through joining different kinds of training and workshops, I have a wider range of business awareness and better insights to career, which, I expect management students should thirst for. This is beneficial for my career planning. On top of that, the Career Development Program provides a lot of valuable job advice, which is essential for fresh graduates to make a better decision on their career. Most importantly is that this program has successfully referred many students to get a challenging job even facing a high unemployment rate in the market, and it definitely helps us to get started in the business world.”

Tiffany LUI
Assistant Manager - Human Resources & Administration
Marubeni Asian Power Ltd

              "The program provides me with solid knowledge of management concepts and also a brief introduction of all the Human Relation functions, which are of critical importance to my career development. Other than offering academic philosophy, they held a lot of career talks and have close connection with some well established companies to provide students with internship experience and opportunities to secure a Human Resources related job as well. I would also like to thank for the Management department, they are doing a marvelous job in assisting students to do extensive job research and provide some practical interview techniques that is very useful to build up your self-confidence as a graduate and facilitate your career planning by providing professional advice and real life scenario analysis."

Nancy Ho
Senior Human Resources Officer