Master of Arts in Quantitative Analysis for Business
Department of Management Sciences College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System
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Business Analysis - Discover Smart Insight from Big Data!

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Programme Brief

The BBA Business Analysis (BANL) major aims to develop students’ qualitative and quantitative ability to solve business problems and make decisions through DEEP data analysis. It consists of two study streams:

  • Business Analysis Stream 
  • Data Informatics Stream

Business Analysis Stream aims to  

  • Provide professional training in business analytics, statistics, business intelligence (big data analysis), risk management, business knowledge and communication skills
  • Develop students' ability to manage and to analyze huge volume of business data using modern computer software which are popularly used in global business world
  • Enable students to solve business problems by a judicious application of technical and practical skills
  • Enable students to obtain internationally recognized professional qualifications such as SAS certification and Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Examinations
  • Prepare students for a statistical and analyst position in the financial, commercial, and government sector 

Data Informatics Stream aims to  

  • Provide professional training in data analytics, information management, business knowledge and communication skills 
  • Enable students to obtain international professional qualifications (Base SAS) 
  • Prepare students to work in the areas which require both data analytics and information management knowledge 


Unique features of Business Analysis Stream


Joint Bachelor’s Degree Programme with Columbia University

BBA4 Business Analysis Stream students are eligible to apply for the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Programme with Columbia University in New York ( Upon graduation and meeting all requirements of the two universities, students will obtain two bachelor's degrees.


Double Major

  • BBA4 Business Analysis Stream students are eligible to take the following majors
    • Business Economics
    • Finance
    • Information Management (Business Intelligence)
    • Management (Human Resource Management)
    • Marketing
      as their second majors. The above first and second major pairs are reviewed annually and adjusted according to demand. For details, please visit

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