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Exchange Study

Aimed at broadening the horizons of our students, each year since 1996 the Student Exchange Programme has enabled outstanding students to study abroad for a semester or a year. Our partners include universities in Asia, the Mainland, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries in Europe.

There are 3 levels of the Student Exchange program (1) Institutional, (2) College and (3) Departmental levels.

Check more details in Department level and Institutional and College levels.

Student Sharing

Yip Chak Kuen (Concordia University, Canada 2019)

“You only live once. After admitting to the university, I decided to join the exchange programme. I think it is a pleasant opportunity to experience life as a local on a day-to-day basis in a new environment. I gained a lot about Canada’s culture and way of life.”

“Studying in Montreal is a fruitful experience because it is a bilingual English and French city. I learnt some French and met some local students during the exchange period. They are friendly and outgoing, and we talked about each other’s backgrounds and shared our interests.”

“While studying abroad, I travelled around during school breaks. Those fantastic views in Canada are a special treat for eyes, like Aurora in Yellowknife, Maligne Lake in Alberta and Niagara Falls in Toronto.”

Chan Pok Lai (Brock University, Canada 2019)

“Brock University offered various opportunities to incorporate myself with the Northern America culture. Lectures were conducted by knowledgeable professors, leading discussion among classmates and allowing us to learn from each other. Also, students are from many different cultural backgrounds. Working with them on projects and living with them as roommates are enjoyable and memorable experiences. Besides studying, Brock University also offers wide range of activities for exchange students with different interests, from wine tasting to sports competition.”

“Canada is as good as advertised. People are extremely nice and kind and I had many nice chats with people on streets. Also scenery is amazing though it is extremely cold. I am impressed by the frozen lake and Niagara’s falls, and it is convenient to visit Toronto. As great as it sounds, it is even better to join the exchange program and experience yourself.”

Chan Wai Hon Lukas (University of Birmingham, UK 2019)

“Going on an exchange is one of the best decisions I have made. During the five months’ time I had in UK, I have met many people from different countries and traveled to numerous places. Friendship is not the only thing I gained in my exchange, I also became a more independent and mature person. It was an amazing and fruitful experience.”

Wong Tsz Ching Crystal (National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2019)

“Having the exchange study in National University of Singapore (NUS) is a memorable experience in my life. I not only learn more about the culture of South-East Asia, but also make new friends with people from all over the world. The international friendships told me that language was not the barrier between us. I also took my first step to join some activities to meet some new friends and explore new interests and areas that I had not learned before. ”

“I enjoyed the time in NUS and Singapore. In the lessons, we were encouraged to speak up and share the ideas in the class. I also learned a lot from my groupmates who come from other countries, and had the opportunities to exchange ideas with them. Outside the classroom, I spent some time to explore this country, for example, knowing more about the cultures and daily lives of Indians and Chinese when I visited Little India and Chinatown. ”

“Last but not least, the exchange student experience in NUS helps me to take the first step to leave my comfort zone. I learned a lot within the four months – from the lessons to the cultures and people. It also makes me to have a reflection on myself and to be more confident – from class discussions to taking the first step to try something new. In addition, my English is improved. I learned to speak some Singlish as well!”

Chow Sai Yat Morris (Brock University, St. Catharines, 2018)

“Studying in Brock University was a pleasant experience. Lecturers and students interact very frequently to exchange their ideas and thoughts during lessons. Lecturers also welcome their students to provide any feedback for improving the learning experience and to approach them if they have any problems or doubts, which fosters my interest towards the courses. ”

“Living in the BrockU townhouse allowed me to have a taste of how Canadian in Niagara Region live. Chatting with my new neighbours and Brock officers was one of the most enjoyable experiences as I was able to know and recognized interesting facts from them. ”

“The Exchange Program allowed me to widen my horizon towards countries' norms and customs. The Grape Stomp event, which was held annually, was a culture of Brock University. During the event, loads of grapes would be stepped by students who joined the event, some of them would even pick up the grapes and throw at each other. Moreover, I treasured the chance to travel around famous tourist spot such as Niagara Falls and Central Park.”

Lam Yan Ling (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA 2018)

“It surprised me when I saw students in such a land of freedom have a high level of discipline, coming to class punctually, having their phones and laptops away and actively making notes.”

“When I travel to different places, I also explore the unique culture and history there. For example, I got to know the long, tragic history of the slavery of Chinese migrants when I visit the Chinatown of San Francisco, while my trip in New York really allowed me to feel the pulse of the world’s busiest city.”

“This exchange program has changed me a lot. Firstly, I became more independent. Secondly, I had improved my spoken English proficiency and made more friends coming from other parts of the world. Thirdly, I feel more open to a diverse working environment.”

Lee Ho Man (Uppsala Universitet, Sweden 2018)

“When I arrived (and got lost) in Uppsala, Sweden, everyone was very friendly and helped me to find my destination. After roughly a month, both my English communication and social skills had significantly improved. Students there came from over 100 countries including Sweden, Columbia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Brazil, USA, Tanzania, Czech Republic, Finland, UK, etc. We learned to respect different cultures and values, and many of us became good friends.”

“I think the learning environment in Uppsala is much more open-minded than in Hong Kong. Students often raise their hands and professors often encourage students to think outside of the box. Also, I could not see any laptops during the lesson – Students tend to learn by thinking and writing on paper! Although it seems to be less efficient, students can absorb the knowledge better without using laptop in the lesson. ”

“In Scandinavian countries, people are very relaxed. For example, in Sweden they will have fika (Swedish tea break) 2-3 times per day and everyone leave their jobs and enjoy a cup of coffee with kanelbullar (Cinnamon buns). When people are waiting for the bus, they will often start a friendly conversation, which is very rare in Hong Kong.”

“Overall speaking, exchange is a lifetime-experience for every student. You can meet more friends, improve your language, discover different learning culture, travel, and enjoy other countless benefits. I strongly recommend every student in university to apply for exchange for such an unforgettable experience.”

Tai Wing Ki Vikki (University of Aberdeen, UK 2017)

Going on exchange gives me chances to step out from my comfort zone and rediscover the happiness in trying out new things, for example starting conversations with strangers or visiting cities without planning. Living with some hard-working flatmates and realising that the students there were well-prepared for classes do influence my learning attitude positively and enhance my interest in lifelong learning.

Yip Hoi Ching Melody (Technische Universität München, Germany 2017)

Talking about exchange, the first thing that comes to my mind is independence. The Exchange Programme in Germany enables me to step out of my comfort zone, meet people from all around the globe and experience a culture that I am not familiar with. More importantly, the exchange study teaches me how to face uncertainty. Though sometimes things may go bad and people I meet may not always be nice, every new attempts that I have made in my journey will shape a different me and I am sure that those experiences help me a lot.

Lam Wang Chris (San Francisco State University, USA 2015)

“Studying abroad was an eye-opening experience. It also provided me a good platform to make friends from different countries, and to travel around the world. I am now more aware of the culture diversity and learning styles between places.” 

Mak Ping Kwan Koma (University of Ottawa, Canada 2015)

“The weather here is extremely cold and the temperature is around -10 to -30 degree celsius every day. In Canada, I have learned how to live on my own. I do my own grocery shopping, cooking and laundry. These make me become more matured! Also through this exchange, I sharpen my interpersonal relationship techniques, preparing myself as the best candidate for my future job! ”

Ng Shuk Man (Concordia University, Canada 2015)

“The greatest inspiration of the whole exchange experience is about learning methods. Students there will make good preparations before class or discussion sessions, such as reading books or searching information from the internet. It is an in-depth learning process and enhance memory. I become more active and take the initiative to discuss the project with group members and have better time management”

Lam Wai In Natalie (University of Navarra, Spain 2015)

“ I met a lot of friends from different countries. We shared our own cultures and norms with each other. One of the main difficulties I face was the language barrier. Most of the people in this small town do not speak English. If you wanted to ask for help on the street, it is hard to communicate with them. The only way to solve it is to improve my Spanish skill. And this provides me a good opportunity to learn a foreign language. I expected that after this exchange, I would be more independent and get to know more about my strengths and weaknesses.”

Wong Wun Yin Yannie (European Business School International University Schloss Reichartshausen, Germany 2015)

“The exchange experience has made me more proactive in learning. German students are active learners. They are eager to ask questions or voice out opinions in class. Being influenced by them, I am now more confident to express my ideas.”

Tai Tung Yi (Maastricht University, Holland 2015)

“Lecturers there do not distribute lecture notes. Students need to read more than 60 pages of reading materials before class and participate in small group discussions during class. Now I can read fast, think deeply, take the initiative to express my views and have no fear to communicate with people of different nationalities or with different English accents and have more confidence in applying jobs of foreign companies.”