Master of Arts in Quantitative Analysis for Business
Department of Management Sciences College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

There are two summer internship courses (MS3403 and CB3800) which enrich students’ learning experience through interactions with professionals in the business world.

Chan Chun Hung (Intern in DBS Bank, 2014 graduate)

Job Nature

Hello, I am Fred. I am working in Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) from 2013 August to now. My main duty is to analyse the products and produce different reports accurately.

How can I find this internship?

Our department already has long term relationship with DBS. Our department cooperates with DBS to set up this internship programme every year. If DBS has internship vacancy, they will contact our department. Then our department will invite students to take part in this progamme. The main selection criteria are your past working experience and academic performance (e.g. SAS and VBA).

How can the knowledge learned in the major fit to my job?

The knowledge I have studied is highly related to my job. In the daily analysis, I am mainly using SAS and Excel VBA programming to handle and analyse large amount of data. Those programming skills are our competitive advantage to handle those jobs. Also, I have learnt a lot of knowledge about data mining tools and different statistics models in my major. It is very useful for analyzing different structure and types of data for my job.

Can I study well in Business Analysis major if I did not study M1, M2, Pure Mathematics and Computer subjects in my secondary school?

I have the same thinking before I study in managerial statistics. In my secondary school, although I was a science student, I only studied Biology, Chemistry and Physics which only have some simple Mathematics. The fact is that there are different statistics and programming subjects in Business Analysis. Don’t Worry! We don’t need to know every Mathematics procedure and proof. Those subjects also mainly focus on application and concepts. Thus, you can study and learn it very well if you try your best!

Ho Yik Wah (Intern in Standard Chartered Bank and Hang Seng Bank, 2015 graduate)

Hello, I am Venita. I have worked for two internships, Standard Chartered and Hang Seng Bank, in these two years.

Intern in Standard Chartered Bank

I applied for internship in Standard Chartered Bank by myself. I was only responsible for data input at first, but I gradually got to do some data analysis using excel.

Intern in Hang Seng Bank

I was offered an internship in Hang Seng Bank through our department in January this year. After I have learned SAS programming in the last semester, I want to gain some more experience by working in banking companies. I have met some new friends during my internship period, and the most interesting thing is that most of them are also MST graduates. This proves that these banking companies are likely to offer job for students from our programme. Moreover, I sincerely think that our courses provide practical skills that help us a lot in our future career.

Tsoi Sin Yuk (Intern in Hang Seng Bank, 2015 graduate)

Job nature

My name is Cindy. I am having my internship in Hang Seng Bank starting from this semester. I got this internship from our department. Apart from using Microsoft excel, we have to know how to use the SAS programming to analyze data and do risk analysis.

I just mentioned I was offered this internship by our Department. And, in fact, our department does give our students a lot of supports. Our programme leader will even e-mail us different internship opportunities regularly.

Interaction between the major study and my job

Some people may misunderstand that working during school-time will affect their studies, but I personally think that I can learn more and gain mutual benefits through this internship.

I remember that I was so nervous when my line manager requested me to modify a program by macro on the fifth day of my work as I haven’t learned how to use macro at that time. However, my line manager taught me to run the program patiently and he helped me to pick up the theories more easily when I learnt the skills at school again few weeks later. I think simultaneously practice and learning can help me to understand the theories more and more concrete. This internship definitely helps a lot in my future career.

Wong Sui Yan (Intern in DBS Bank, 2014 graduate)

Job Nature

I am Arina, working in DBS Bank. The job requirements are knowledge on Basic SAS and SQL programming, VBA and pivot table.

Job hunting and Learning Experience

I get the job offer through our department. Our department will e-mail us whenever there are job opportunities and we have to make use of the chance to get the internship offer. You can gain working experience through internship and you can actually apply theories you learnt at school during work. I can apply SAS programming knowledge, especially SQL and macro program learned in Advanced SAS Programming course thoroughly at workplace.