Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Global Operations Management (GOM)?

  • Global Operations Management is about how to convert ideas into actions and how to satisfy customers at the lowest costs. In a nutshell, operations management is about how a firm can create value and deliver it to customers.

2. Is GOM very mathematical/ quantitative?

  • There are only two required quantitative courses. Operations Analytics teaches students how to address operational problems through data analysis in basic R programming. Business Modeling with Spreadsheets teaches students how to solve business problems with Excel.
  • There is a wide choice of electives. Students can choose those that are more qualitative or quantitative in nature.

3. What kind of students qualities are you looking for?

  • We are looking for students who are passionate, presentable and equipped with a critical and innovative mindset.

4. Where can I learn more about the curriculum of GOM?

  • The curriculum of GOM is diversified and all-rounded which would be suitable for the interested candidates.
    For details, please click here.

5. Does GOM welcome international students for admission? Where do they come from?

  • GOM welcomes international students who are interested in studying operations management. Our international students come from all around the world, including the United States, India, Indonesia, Korea, etc.

1. How does GOM select students for the interview? When are interviews conducted?

  • The selection of students for the interview is primarily based on the application information (e.g., band choices, exam results (if available), Other Experiences and Achievements in Competitions/Activities (OEA) and School Reference Reports).
  • For details of the interview arrangements, please click here.

2. What are the application processes for JUPAS admission?

  • Please refer to the link provided by our admissions office for details.

3. What are the entrance requirements for admission to GOM major?

  • HKDSE applicants must fulfil the General Entrance Requirements of four core and two elective subjects for Bachelor’s degree programmes or five subjects (including English Language and Chinese Language) for Associate Degree programmes. In addition to the General Entrance Requirements, some programmes have specific subject requirements. For details of our entrance requirements, please visit the following webpages.

    Bachelor’s degree programmes:

1. When can I apply GOM through Non-Jupas system?

  • The application period is subject to change every year.
  • For more details about the key dates, please click here.

2. What are the differences between the Advanced Standing I and Advanced Standing II?

  • Applicants who admit through Advanced Standing I will start their study in Year 2 while Applicants admit through Advanced Standing II will start their study in Year 3.

3. What is the English language requirement for admission?

  • Applicants whose entrance qualifications were obtained in a language other than English will need a satisfactory TOEFL score (≥ 79 in the Internet-based test), a satisfactory IELTS score (overall band score ≥ 6.5) or another acceptable English qualification.

1. Am I required to take internships during my study?

2. Where can I find the internship opportunities?

  • Students could seek internship opportunities from various channel, including the openings and referrals from College of Business, Department of Management Sciences, Student Development Services.

3. Which industry will GOM students intern in?

  • GOM students usually intern in hospitality & retail, banking & finance, supply chain & logistics and business consulting industry.
  • For details, please click here.

4. When would be the appropriate time to do internship?

  • There is no particular time for students to do internship. But students normally will apply for 2 - 3 months summer internship during their second and third-year study. You may also consider planning a semester gap if you wish to apply for a longer internship.

5. Do I have the chance to intern in overseas company? Do I have subsidies?

  • Students who wish to intern in overseas countries could apply through AIESEC or keep an eye on the overseas internship announcement by college and department.
  • Students could apply for non-local internship award for subsidy, e.g. Joseph Lau Non-local Internship Awards.

6. Where can I learn more about the past internship sharing from GOM students?

1. Are there any exchange opportunities for GOM students?

  • GOM students have a lot of choices going to an exchange program. You can choose between semester-based, year-based or summer school in various continents including Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia, etc.
  • Apart from popular destinations, there are some students decided to go to non-mainstream countries like Israel, Lithuania, and Slovenia.
  • For details, please click here.

    Or check out our social media platform for more students exchange sharing.

2. Can I apply for credit transfer during exchange?

  • Students can transfer a maximum of five courses during their exchange; however, the actual credit transfer may vary based on the host university.

3. When will students normally go to exchange?

  • For JUPAS intakes, students normally go in their third year of study. Non-JUPAS intakes normally go during their second year of study.

4. Do I need to defer my study if I go to exchange?

  • You do not need to defer study as long as you can fulfill the graduation requirement within your study period. Students are advised to plan carefully on their study and seek advice from major leaders if you encounter any problem.

5. Can I apply for any subsidy if I have financial needs?

  • Successful applicants will receive Student Exchange Fund before departure. The amount of funding depends on the destination and it is up to HKD24,000. Besides, the university offers different scholarships for outstanding students and student exchange loans for students with financial needs.

1. What other extra-curricular activities can I join?

  • Students are encouraged to participate in various activities, including case competitions, study tours, Christmas party and community service activities organized by GOM student association to enrich their university lives.

2. What kind of scholarships can I apply?

  • For second, third, fourth year students, the department will offer The Department of Management Sciences Outstanding Student Prizes and Scholarships, The Department of Management Sciences Academic Progress Awards, The Department of Management Sciences Student Development Scholarships.
  • For details, please click here.

3. Where can I seek advice if I have any problem?

  • GOM major leaders are willing to listen to students’ opinion and provide suggestions for students. You may make an appointment with the major leaders and arrange a meeting with them when you have an academic problem.
  • For the contact information of GOM major leaders, please click here.

1. What is NGOs?

  • NextGen Operations (NGOs) is a student-driven association under Business Operations Management. The association will support the development of GOM, including organizing academic activities, promoting GOM in social media and publishing GOM-related propaganda for fellow GOM students.

2. What activities will NGOs organize?

  • In terms of academic activities, NGOs has supported in CityU Information Day, Industrial Mentoring Scheme and Career Planning Workshop.
  • For leisure activities, NGOs has organized adventure camp, beach cleaning activities, open semester party and Christmas party for the fellow GOM students.

3. If I am interested to be part of the committee, what can I do?

1. What are the career prospects?

  • We expect most of our graduates to work in one of these five industries: Trade & Supply Chain Management, Hospitality & Retail, Business Consulting, Banking & Finance, and Information Technology. For more information, please click the video.

2. What are usually the first graduate job that GOM students have?

  • Our GOM graduates usually aim for the management trainee or junior consultant position after their graduation.

3. Are there any career planning workshop to better prepare my career?

  • Every year, GOM will organize the Career Planning Workshop and Industrial Mentoring Scheme for fellow students to simulate the real-life job interview and learn more about the industry trend. Students who joined the Industrial Mentoring Scheme will be paired up with an experienced industry practitioner to get connected with their interested industry.
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