Department of Management Sciences


Although the Unit conducts research for energy & environmental policy analysis in Hong Kong, the research results and methodologies to be developed can be generalized for other applications. Mainly, we have the following research topics.

Research topics:

  • Benchmarking - With the database, we use benchmarking methods to develop energy use performance indexes for different sectors by means of DEA and Statistical methods.
  • Decomposition Analysis - Index decomposition method is used to analyze the changes in energy intensity in order to provide a footprint of energy & environmental, and energy intensity for policy analysis. Based on the consultancy experience, we have developed the methods to conduct decomposition analysis.
  • Energy intensity model - An energy intensity model is to be modeled by LEAP which is one of the popular energy modeling tools. With this energy intensity model, we can provide ad hoc policy analysis.

Research outputs:

  • Chung, W., Yeung, I.M.H. (2013) Attitudes of Hong Kong residents toward the Daya Bay nuclear power plant, Energy Policy 62:1172-1186.
  • Chung, W., Zhou, G., Yeung, I.M.H. (2013) A study of energy efficiency of transport sector in China from 2003 to 2009, Applied Energy 112:1066-1077.
  • Yeung, I.M.H, Chung, W. (2014). Cluster Analysis of Transport Energy Intensity in China (Conference paper)
  • Chung, W., Yeung, I.M.H. Energy efficiency improvement in office buildings by benchmarking models, Handbook of Clean Energy Systems, Wiley (Accepted in June 2014)
  • XU, Q., Chung, W. (2014) China Energy Policy in National and International Perspectives - A study Fore-and-Aft 18th National Congress, City University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong.
  • Chung, W. (2015). The Hard Road of Reforming in the Power and Natural Gas Sectors of China, Working paper
  • Chung, W. (2015). Review of Battery Energy Storage Systems for Wind and PV Applications, Working paper.