The Healthcare Management Workshop

Date: 5th January 2014
Venue: Multi-purposes Hall 3/F Academic3, City University of Hong Kong

The Workshop is immmediately following the 5th POMS-HK International Conference to be held at The University of Hong Kong on Jan.3-4, 2014.

Registration is free. To secure a seat and facilitate logistics preparation (refreshments and lunch), please complete the registration form by 10th December, 2013

Workshop Scope and Theme

Healthcare worldwide is fraught with high cost, low efficiency and poor quality of patient service. Modern healthcare delivery typically takes the form of a large and complex system, involving expensive resources such as clinics, hospitals and pharmacies; and highly skilled workers such as doctors, nurses and other medical professionals along with insurers and administrators.

The Healthcare Management Workshop at City University of Hong Kong provides a global platform for researchers in related disciplines (e.g.,management science, operations management, systems engineering, etc.) and practitioners to share ideas on how to design and operate a world-class healthcare delivery system.