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The MSc in Business and Data Analytics (MScBDA) programme aims to cultivate students with professional knowledge of business data analytics through active learning of the statistical and analytical methods, real-world business examples, and programming techniques. The programme curriculum includes a wide range of knowledge areas such as applied statistics, big data management, data mining, social media analytics, economic and financial forecasting.

The MScBDA programme has two streams. Typically, a student will be admitted to either the Quantitative Analysis for Business (QAB) or the Information Analytics Management (IAM) streams. For information on the MScBDA (IAM) programme, please click hereFor applicants interested in the QAB steam, please directly apply to the QAB stream through the application system. Only those applicants who state QAB as their first preference will be considered for admission to the QAB stream. We do not allow applicants or future admitted students from other streams to transfer to the QAB stream.

The QAB programme (Quantitative Analysis for Business), previously known as MScQAB or MAQAB, has a history of nearly 30 years. The current MScBDA (QAB) programme has been developed to provide the modern quantitative skills that will facilitate business problem identification, analytical framework formulation, and statistical analysis in a wide range of areas in the finance industry, technology firms, and public sectors. Many of our graduates have hold managerial positions in business and industrial sectors in Hong Kong. Recent graduate placements include many top companies in mainland China, including Tencent, ByteDance, Nielsen, Earnst and Young, Deloitte, Ping An Asset Management, etc.

The MScBDA (QAB) programme offers comprehensive quantitative methods, including courses on applied regression analysis, data mining, predictive modeling in marketing, economic forecasting, and financial econometrics. The programme benefits from training students through statistical programmings, such as SAS, R, and Python, and provides hands-on experience for data analytics. All our courses are self-contained and do not require previous programming experience from students. We teach students real-world business examples with relevant data analysis through hands-on programming exercises.

Potential students of the programme are college graduates of:

  • business majors (accounting, marketing, management, etc.)
  • social science majors
  • engineering majors
  • science majors

The MScBDA (QAB) programme at CityU achieved accreditation from the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), U.K., in December 2023. This accreditation recognises that the MScBDA (QAB) programme meets the established standards in the fields of statistics and data analytics. Upon completion of their studies at CityU, our students are granted the status of Graduate Statistician (RSS), and it also paves the way for them to pursue the professional qualification of Chartered Statistician (RSS) after accumulating five years of work experience.

We welcome students who want to pursue a career path where statistical data analysis has a significant role. We have very minimum math requirements for targeting students. However, the potential students are expected to have studied at least one undergraduate course in calculus or linear algebra. We welcome applicants who do not have any background in statistics and programming.