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MSc in Business and Data Analytics (Quantitative Analysis for Business Stream)
College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

For Intakes in 2020-2021 and Thereafter

The MSc in Business and Data Analytics (MScBDA) programme aims to cultivate students with professional knowledge of business data analytics through active learning of the theories, methods, supporting techniques across a wide range of knowledge areas such as applied statistics, big data management, data mining and social media analytics.

The MScBDA programme has three streams. Normally, a student will be admitted to either the Information Systems Management (ISM) or the Quantitative Analysis for Business (QAB) streams. Under exceptional circumstances, a student may be considered for admission to the General(G) stream. The information given on this website pertains to the MScBDA (QAB) programme, which replaces the MScQAB programme offered by the Department of Management Sciences prior to 2020/2021.   For information on the MScBDA (ISM) programme, please click here.

Many young Hong Kong managers may realise that their undergraduate studies have not sufficiently prepared them in one particular area to meet the challenge of today's complex managerial problems present: analytical rigor. The Master of Science in Business and Data Analytics (Quantitative Analysis for Business) (MScBDA (QAB)) programme has been developed to provide the modern quantitative skills that will facilitate problem identification, formulation, and analysis at all levels of management in the business, industry, and public sectors.

As Hong Kong enters into a new era of development, personnel with analytical skills will play an increasingly important role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of rapidly expanding service organizations. The MScBDA (QAB) programme offers a comprehensive coverage of quantitative methods (including courses on data mining, marketing research, predictive analytics and financial modeling) and adopts the point of view of business intelligence, drawing on the practical experience and knowledge in the fields. The programme benefits from the use of relevant software packages to reinforce the student's understanding of the concepts, methods, and processes introduced.

Potential students of the programme are the graduates of:

  • accounting, economics and finance;
  • business, management, marketing and administration;
  • computer science and mathematics;
  • engineering;

and whose career path has led them in the direction where quantitative analysis has a significant role.

The MScBDA (QAB) programme offers many graduates of Hong Kong tertiary institutions an opportunity to enhance their analytical skills and become more effective decision makers in their organisations. Many of our graduates hold managerial positions in business and industrial sectors.