Department of Management Sciences
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Why Department of Management Sciences?

The program, Department of Management Sciences (BDMS) is designed specifically for students who are interested in Management Sciences, regarding development and application of models and tools, hence fostering management of organizations. In addition, it aims for students who have not yet decided which major they should pursue. 

Students who enter the BDMS programme will have their majors undeclared during the first year of studies. They will go through a major allocation exercise to select joining either the Business Analysis (BANL) major or the Business Operations Management (BOM) major at the end of Year 1.

The BBA Business Analysis (BANL) major is designed specifically to meet the business demand for deep data analytical skills and to provide a comprehensive training in business analytics, statistics, business intelligence, risk management, marketing analysis, business knowledge and communication skills.

The BBA Business Operations Management (BOM) major equips students with the knowledge and skills to tackle the operations challenges of contemporary managers. Students learn to identify operations improvement opportunities for companies, propose and implement improvement solutions, and present their findings and results to senior executives.

Applicants may also apply directly to join the BANL or BOM majors through JUPAS with smaller quotas.