Approved Courses for Research Degree Students

MPhil/PhD students are required to fulfill the stipulated core course and electives requirements.  Please refer to

Coursework Requirement of School of Graduate Studies: 

Coursework Requirement of College of Business:

Coursework Requirement of Department of Management Sciences:

PhD Program Structure
Coursework Requirements
PhD/MPhil students are required to take the stipulated courses specified by the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies and the College of Business. In addition, students have to fulfill the following coursework requirements designated by the Department.

PhD (for cohort 2020 and thereafter)  
Year 1 Semester A MS8944 Introduction to Probability Models
    MS8953 Foundations of Management Science
    MS8949 Management Science Seminar Series II
    1 course outside home department but within CB of at least 3 credit units at postgraduate (R8) level
  Semester B SG8001 Teaching Students: First Steps
      Individual students with insufficient English proficiency may be required to take a 1 credit unit course English as Medium for Instruction (SG8002) before they are allowed to enroll into SG8001. The credit unit earned from SG8001 will not be counted towards the minimum coursework requirement.
    MS8945 Stochastic Operations Research
    MS8950 Management Science Seminar Series III
    MS8952 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
    CITI Programme All students commenced study on or after 1 September 2018 are required to complete the CITI Programme within 12 months of study, and latest by 18 months of study (by End of Normal Study Period for Joint PhD students). 
  Summer Qualifying Examination (Mandatory)
    PhD students are required to take and pass a qualifying examination within 10-24 months (full-time) or 20-48 months (part-time) after commencement of PhD studies.  A maximum of two attempts will be allowed. Those who fail the qualifying examination after two attempts will be recommended for termination of study. 
Year 2 Semester A/B Student may choose among CB elective courses according to the advise of your supervisor, supervisor may also prescribe additional course requirements for students as deemed appropriate.
  Summer FB8905 Project (Thesis Proposal Defense)
Year 3 Semester A FB8905 Con't FB8905 Project (Thesis Proposal Defense)
  Semester A/B FB8914  Doctoral Seminar
    Submission of PhD Thesis