I am satisfied by the highly professional and kind translation service provided by the Statistical Consulting Unit at the City University of Hong Kong.  Special thanks are due to my project consultant, Mr. Don Wu, who has been able to help me with many aspects. Because the translated survey questionnaire was to be used in March and the fiscal year ends in March in Japan with complicated rules for the research fund for this project relating to the end of the fiscal year, I had to make many unusual requests.  One important aspect of the service was that not only professional translation was done, but many pieces of advice were given for the purpose of the survey research with many iterations of translation to fine tune survey questions. There are other institutions that can do translation, but it is hard to imagine better service for translation service for the purpose of survey research.

Professor of Economics
Keio University, Japan


The Statistical Consulting Unit of the City University of Hong Kong has helped me a lot with many of my research projects and research papers, giving me professional advice on various statistical analyses. The advice has been very useful and the consultants have been very helpful.

Associate Professor
Department of English
City University of Hong Kong


1. Efficient process from fieldwork to report

2. Professional advice on refining the questionnaire

3. Co-operative in all aspect during the project

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