Department of Management Sciences
AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

MS Internship Program (MS3403)

Internships enable our students to translate their knowledge into real-world practice, helping them stand out early in the competitive job market.  With placements in real-world business context, students are able to gain valuable work experience, refine their inter-personal communications skills and develop other soft skills required in the workplace.

The unique learning opportunity may help our students build up their network with professionals in the field and probably the connection to their first job. Internships sharpen their edge in the job market and help them develop their future career path.

More Internship experience can be found from students in Business Analysis and Business Operations Management.

How to enrol this course (follow the steps described below):

  1. NO Year 1 and Year 4 students allow taking this course
  2. First, you need to attend the internship preparation workshop organized by SDS in late May and early June 2021. Note that you cannot register for the internship course MS3403 without attending this workshop, except that you are outing exchange students. MS Department will post the workshop details in due course.
  3. Before July, get an internship by yourselves (length of internship: at least 6 weeks). Note that MS Department will NOT find an internship for you. However, you may receive some info on internship opportunities by email.
  4. After getting an internship, you are required to submit the attached application form (MS3403) to the General Office by the end of the FIRST week of your internship. The application form can be submitted in person to MS General Office or by email at
  5. After getting approval, you will be registered to MS3403 by the MS department accordingly.

In Semester B

Pre-internship workshop (5%)

Within 2 weeks after the internship commenced

Submission of the 1st reflection report

​Submission by email:

This report should include what are the expected outcomes you will learn from your internship. The list of expected outcomes can be referred to in the Course Intended Learning Outcomings (CILOS) of any courses from your major. (one-page length).

By 28 August 

Submission of the 2nd reflection report

​Submission by Canvas

The report is to describe the internship tasks that the student has done, focusing on what has been learned, accomplished or completed. The reflection MUST match some CILOS of any courses from your major. The second report should have at least 4,000 words excluding references.


Both reports (50%)

By 28 August 


Department will contact your supervisor for collecting the Employer Evaluation form in September

Employer evaluation (30%)

In Sept.

Submit PPTs for Sharing Session (more details will be given in Sept.)

In Oct.

Conduct sharing session (15%)


Details are given in MS3403 syllabus.



Difference between CB3800 and MS3403

           Can you take CB3800 and MS3403 in the same Summer period? NO!
           CB Internship – CB (

        Late penalty for all assignments- 2%*(number of late days)2 from the late assignment scroe(s).