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Student Mentoring Scheme


Since the launch of Student Mentoring Scheme (SMS) in 1999/2000, more than 400 senior students are involved as mentors to First-year students each year, and SMS is not a university-wide programme with all academic departments participating in the Scheme.  It is hoped that SMS could develop to its full benefits for both senior and junior students in personal growth and development.


  • “Mentor" was the name of an island in ancient Greek where a famous wise man lived.  A king who had lost his empire asked this wise man to bring up his son for him.  The son learned many things from the wise man and eventually, when he grew up, he recovered all the territory which father had lost.
  • So now anyone who has the role of helping a young person in his personal development is called a "mentor".
  • The practice of "mentoring" has been adopted by many organizations for developing their graduate trainees.
  • The student mentor scheme was started in CityU on a trial basis in some academic departments in 1998 and is being implemented university-wide in 1999/2000 with over 20 academic departments and more than 400 senior students participating in the scheme.


  • To help first-year students adjust to university education;
  • To develop a supportive personal network amongst first-year students and senior students;
  • To create a warm atmosphere and positive academic culture in the campus;
  • To assist first-year students in enhancing their educational experience and development as a person and as a professional in their chosen fields of study.