Dr. LAU Yiu Keung Raymond (劉耀強博士)

PhD - IT
Master of Applied Science - IS
Master of Science - SA

Associate Professor

Dr. LAU Yiu Keung Raymond (劉耀強博士)

Contact Information

Address: 6-273, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building
City University of Hong Kong
Phone: +852 34428495
Fax: +852 34420370

Research Areas

  • Big Data Analytics for Finance
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Financial Technology (FinTech)
  • Artificial Intelligence for Business

RAYMOND Y.K. LAU is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Systems at City University of Hong Kong. He has worked at the academia and the ICT industry for over 35 years. He is the author of more than 200 refereed international journals and conference papers. His research work has been published in renowned journals such as MIS Quarterly, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Intelligent Systems, ACM Transactions on Information Systems, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Production and Operations Management, Journal of MIS, etc. His research interests include Financial Technology (FinTech), Social Media Analytics, Big Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business. He served at the editorial board of the special issue "Fintech – Innovating the Financial Industry Through Emerging Information Technologies" for Information Systems Research, and the editorial board of the special issue "Big Data and Analytics in Networked Business" for MISQ. He is a senior member of the IEEE and the ACM, respectively.

Professional Qualifications

Qualification Certifying Organization
Member Association of Information Systems
Senior Member IEEE
Senior Member ACM
Professional Member Australian Computer Society
LIFE Full Member Hong Kong Computer Society


Award Title Institution
Top 2% of the world's most highly cited scientists Stanford University
Best Paper Award, PACIS 2014 AIS
University Teaching Excellence Award 2009/2010 City University of Hong Kong

Research Grant

  • PI: "A Generative Deep Learning Framework for Emotion-sensitive Robo-advisors in Personal Wealth Management", GRF (CityU 11507219) - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , Amount: 608,242 (2020-2021) , Raymond Y.K. Lau, Chunping Li, C.S. Wong
  • PI: "基于大数据分析框架的在线信用评级关键技术研究", 面上项目 (71671155) - 国家自然科学基金 (NSFC) , Amount: 479,000 (2017-2020) , Raymond Y.K. Lau, C.S. Wong, W. Yue, C.M. Leung, C.H. Cheung, X. Xin
  • PI: "BigCredit: A Novel Framework for Big Social Media Data Enhanced Online Credit Scoring", GRF (CityU 11525716) - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , Amount: $820,521 (2017-2019) , Raymond Y.K. Lau, C.S. Wong, Chunping Li
  • PI: "电动车智能驾驶系统关键技术研究", 基础研究项目(学科布局)(JCYJ20160229165300897) - 深圳市科技创新委 , Amount: RMB 3 Million (2016-2018) , Raymond Y.K. Lau, Stephen S.Y. Liao
  • PI: "Big Data Analytics for Detecting Deceptive Product Comments in Online Social Media", GRF (CityU 11502115) - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , Amount: HK$493,000 (2016-2018) , Dr. Raymond Y.K. Lau and Dr. Chunping Li
  • co-PI: "Mining Specific Ontology for Unsupervised Text Classification", ARC Discovery (DP140103157) - Australian Research Council , Amount: AUD 300K (2014-2016) , Yuefeng Li, Raymond Y.K. Lau
  • PI: "大数据评论中基于典型性评论挖掘技术的研究及应用 (Research and Application of Typicality-based Big Data Analytics for Online Review Mining)", 深圳市科技研发资金项目-基础研究项目(JCYJ20140419115614350) - 深圳市科技创新委员会 , Amount: RMB 100,000 (2014-2016) , Raymond Y.K. Lau, Stephen Liao, Terence Cheung, Yi Cai
  • PI: "情境中多层次方面的观点挖掘技术研究", 深圳市战略新兴产业发展专项资金项目 (JCYJ20130401145617281) - 深圳市科技创新委员会 , Amount: RMB100,000 (2013-2015) , Raymond Y.K. Lau, Yi Cai, R.C.W. Kwok
  • PI: "Are Online Product Reviews Trustworthy? Automatically Detecting Bilingual Deceptive Product Reviews and Analyzing Their Economic Impact", GRF (CityU 145712) - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , Amount: 453,180 (2013-2014) , Dr. Raymond Y.K. Lau, Dr. Wenyu Dou, Dr. Y. Xia
  • co-PI: "科研创新社区网络中基于用户特征的推荐方法研究", 面上项目 (G011202)) - NSFC , Amount: RMB 420K (2012-2014) , J. Ma, R.C.W. Kwok, G. Hao, R.Y.K. Lau
  • PI: "Toward an Information Quality Based Method For the Holistic Quality Assessment of Online Reviews", SRG (7008138) - City University of Kong Kong , Amount: 138,384 (2012-2013) , Raymond Lau
  • co-PI: "Facilitate Undergraduate Research with Research Social Network Services", Education Research Grant (6000201) - City University of Kong Kong , Amount: 800K (2011-2013) , Jian Ma, Raymond Lau, Ou LIU, Meggie Minhong WANG
  • PI: "Learning Domain Specific Opinion Lexicons for the Context-Sensitive Opinion Retrieval of Bilingual Online Comments", GRF (CityU 115910) - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , Amount: 681,315 (2010-2013) , Dr. Raymond Lau, Professor Peter D. Bruza, Professor K.F. Wong
  • PI: "Ontological User Profiling for Precision-Oriented Information Retrieval", Strategic Research Grant (SRG) - City University of Hong Kong , Amount: $124,235 (2009-2011) , Dr. Raymond Lau
  • PI: "Language Modeling for Web Search Personalization and Contextualization", Strategic Research Grant (SRG) - City University of Hong Kong , Amount: $133,300 (2009-2010) , Dr. Raymond Lau
  • co-PI: "Enhancing Teaching & Learning with Podcasting", Teaching Development Grant - City University of Hong Kong , Amount: 490,167 (2007-2008) , CHAN Mang Tang, Raymond LAU, Graeme LANG, Hokling CHEUNG, Rachael IP
  • co-PI: "Automatic Ontology Learning and Data Reasoning in Web Mining ", ARC Discovery Grant - Australian Research Council , Amount: AUD145K (2004-2007) , Yuefeng Li, Raymond Lau, Xu Yue

Administrative Assignments

Period Name Position
1/2019 - Now MSc Business & Data Analytics Programme Stream Leader
9/2015 - 6/2021 MSc Information Systems Management Programme Leader
9/2011 - 6/2020 College of Business, College Board Member
7/2007 - 6/2019 OBTL Departmental Coordinator
10/2005 - 8/2008 BBAEC Programme Leader
2/2005 - 9/2005 BBAEC Acting Programme Leader


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