Dr. SUH Ayoung

Assistant Professor

Dr. SUH Ayoung

Contact Information

Address: M7089, R R S Creative Media Centre
City University of Hong Kong
Phone: +852 34422311
Fax: +852 34420408

Research Areas

  • Virtual team and collaboration
  • Social media and virtual community
  • Gamification and immersive technology for work

Ayoung Suh specializes in virtual collaboration, virtual identity, and social media and network analysis. She began her academic career in 2008 after attaining her PhD in Management Information Systems from Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea. Before joining CityU, she worked as research fellow in the College of Business Administration at EWU (2008-2013). She was also a visiting professor at Sungkyunkwan University (2012-2013).

Research Grant

  • PI: "How Gamification Increases Knowledge Contribution in Organizations: Conceptualizing Meaningful Engagement and Empirical Tests", GRF - Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong , (2019-2020) , Ayoung Suh
  • PI: "Creating Interactive Infographics: The Integration of Data Science and Creative Expression", TDG - CityU , (2018-2019) , Ayoung Suh
  • PI: "Gamification at Work: Identifying Motivational Affordances and Their Roles in Sustaining User Engagement", GRF - Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong , (2016-2018) , Ayoung Suh
  • PI: "Engaging Students in Learning Activities via GamifIcation Ideas: Integrating Theory into Practice", Teaching Development Grant - CityU , (2015-2017) , Ayoung Suh
  • PI: "Explaining a Virtual Worker’s Job Performance: Integrating Proximity and Network Perspectives ", ECS - Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong , (2014-2016) , Ayoung Suh
  • co-PI: "Challenges and opportunities in the era of virtualization", Social Science of Korea - National Research Foundation of Korea , (2013-2016) , Ayoung Suh
  • PI: "Engaging Students to Visualize Information: Exploring the Potential of Augmented Reality", Teaching Start-up Grant - CityU , (2014-2015) , Ayoung Suh
  • PI: "Research on Network Mechanisms for Virtual Collaboration", Start-up Grant - CityU , (2013-2015) , Ayoung Suh


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