Dr. Long WANG (王龍博士)

Ph. D. - Organizational Behavior

Associate Head (MGT)
Associate Professor

Dr. Long WANG (王龍博士)

Contact Information

Address: 10-251, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building
City University of Hong Kong
Phone: +852 34427181
Fax: +852 34420309

Research Areas

  • Economic psychology, decision making, business ethics, trust, creativity, work relationships and organizational incentives, social entrepreneurship

Long Wang is an associate professor of Management at the City University of Hong Kong. His research interests include economic psychology, decision making, business ethics, trust, creativity and creative labor, work relationships and organizational incentives, and social entrepreneurship. His research has appeared for publication in Academy of Management Annals, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Management Science, among other journals.


Award Title Institution
• Early Career Award ECS/RGC
• Winner of The 6th Annual Excellence in Ethics: Dissertation Proposal Competition Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide
• Best Paper with Outstanding Practical Implications Award OB Division, AOM

Research Grant

  • co-PI: "Legitimacy of Social Enterprises and Customer Patronization ", General Research Fund - RGC , (2021-2024) , Yanto Chandra
  • PI: "Gift-exchange and unethical reciprocity in experimental labor markets", GRF - RGC , (2016-2017) , Co-I: J. Keith Murnighan
  • co-PI: "The mechanisms of performance in social enterprises", GRF - RGC , (2016-2017) , PI: Yanto Chandra
  • PI: "The Paradox of Punishment and Trust", GRF - RGC , (2015-2016) , Co-I: J. Keith Murnighan
  • PI: "Creativity as a (Double-Edged) Pragmatic Moral Sword", ECS - RGC , (2014-2015) , Long Wang
  • PI: "The Bright and Dark Sides of Delegation: Principals, Agents, and Morality", GRF - RGC , (2012-2013) , Co-I: J. Keith Murnighan
  • PI: "Business Gift Giving in Different Cultural Contexts", SRG - CityU , (2012-2013) , Co-I: Jeanne M. Brett
  • PI: "The (Unintended) Social Consequences of Physical Attractiveness", Start-up - CityU , (2011-2012) , Long Wang


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