Dr. Andrew CHAN (陳道博士)

PhD - Organization Theory (Lancaster University)
MBA - Business Administration (City University of Hong Kong)

Associate Professor

Dr. Andrew CHAN (陳道博士)

Contact Information

Address: 10-256, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building
City University of Hong Kong
Phone: +852 34426208
Fax: +852 34420309
Personal Web:

Research Areas

  • Strategic Management
  • Organization Theory and Knowledge Management

Faculty Positions

Period Department - Institution Position
2012 - Now College of Business - City University of Hong Kong Director of First Year Teaching and Learning
2002 - Now Management - City University of Hong Kong Associate Professor

Teaching Areas

  • Human Capital Management and Society
  • Organizational Change
  • Leadership and Crisis Communication Management

Teaching Activities (past 2 academic years)

Academic Year Level Title
2017-2018 Bachelor's Degree Corporate Social Responsibility
    International Corporate Social Responsibility
  Professional Doctorate Methodology for Applied Business Research III
2016-2017 Bachelor's Degree Career Analysis and Strategies in Business
    Current Topics in Human Resource Management
    International Corporate Social Responsibility
    Management Summer Internship
    Strategy and Policy
  Professional Doctorate Methodology for Applied Business Research III

Supervisory Experience

Period Nature
2007 - 2018 DBA Thesis - Supervised 5 DBA's
2005 MBA Residential Trip
2004 - 2014 MBA Project
2002 - 2016 PhD Thesis - Supervised & Graduated 5 PhD's


Journal Articles
Presented Conference Papers
  • Zhang, G.X., Xu, Q., Chan, A. and Zhang, T.T. (2017), "Social comparison and unethical pro-organizational behaviour", presented at 77th Annual Meetings of the Academy of Management., Atlanta, GA: USA.
  • Xu, Q., Zhang, G.X., Chan, A. and Zhou, L. (2016), "Abusive supervision and subordinate proactive bahaviour: A stress perspective", presented at 76th Annual Meetings of the Academy of Management, Anaheim, CA: USA.
  • Chan, A. and Garrick, J. (2011), "E-Learning as Competitive Strategy: Critically Reconstructing Organizational Knowledge in Workplace Learning", presented at IADIS International Conference on e-Learning, 2011, International Association for Development of the Information Society, Rome, Italy, August, 2011.
  • Law, K.K. and Chan, A. (2010), "Managing professional workers: Balancing motivational and control measures for enhancing knowledge sharing", presented at 26th European Group of Organization Studies Colloquium (EGOS), Lisbon, Portugal, July, 2010.
  • Chan, A. (2010), "Learner receptivity toward role play simulation in teaching HRM skills to university students in Hong Kong", presented at The Second International Congress of Educational Research, Canakklae Onsekiz Mart University & EAB, Antalya, Turkey, April, 2010.
  • Chan, A. and Chan, C. (2010), "Strategic management in China: Entry strategies into the P.R.C. for post recession wealth management service", presented at 6th International Strategic Management Conference, St Petersburg, Russian Federation, July, 2010.
  • Chan, A. (2009), "Once Derelict Sites, Now Tourist Sights: Genealogies of Power/Knowledge Heterotopias in Chinese Metropolises", presented at 25th European Group of Organization Studies Colloquium (EGOS), Barcelona, Spain, 2009-07-04.
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  • Chan, A and Clegg, S (2001), "History, Culture and Organization Studies", presented at 17th European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS) Colloquium, University of Lyon, Lyon, France.
Books and Book Chapters
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Book Reviews
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