Dr. CHEN Zhi (陳植博士)

PhD - Management (National University of Singapore)
BE - Automotive Engineering (Tsinghua University)

Assistant Professor

Dr. CHEN Zhi (陳植博士)

Contact Information

Address: 7-270, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building
City University of Hong Kong
Phone: +852 34428041
Fax: +852 34420189
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Research Areas

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Decision-Making under Uncertainty
  • Cooperative Game Theory
  • Risk Management

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Sciences, College of Business, City University of Hong Kong. I obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Tsinghua University and a Ph.D. degree in Management from the National University of Singapore. I was a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Management at the Imperial College Business School.


My primary research interests include (1) decision-making under uncertainty with different levels of data availability and its applications in decision analysis, operations management, and engineering; (2) cooperative game theory for joint activities and its applications in production economics, resource pooling, and risk management.


I am keen on developing packages for analytics under uncertainty and I have been actively working on the project "Robust Stochastic Optimization Made Easy (RSOME)" (MATLAB, Python).


Research Grant

  • PI: "A Python Algebraic Modeling Package for Robust Optimization", Strategic Research Grant - City University of Hong Kong , Amount: 100,000 (2021-2023) , Zhi Chen
  • PI: "The Hurwicz Criterion for Data-Driven Decision-Making under Uncertainty", Early Career Scheme - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , Amount: 628,950 (2020-2023) , Zhi Chen
  • PI: "Risk Sharing under Distributional Ambiguity: Stability, Inequality, and Monotonicity", Start-Up Grant - City University of Hong Kong , Amount: 300,000 (2019-2022) , Zhi Chen


Journal Publications and Reviews