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Non-local Company Attachment Programme

The Non-local Company Attachment Programme provides financial support to full-time undergraduates of College of Business (CB) who take up Company Attachment Programme in overseas corporations. 

The objectives of the Programme are to encourage students

  • to take up Company Attachment Programme in overseas corporations to acquire valuable knowledge and skills for building a successful career
  • to engage in career enrichment activities to develop leadership and enhance employability
  • to offer students opportunities to make original discoveries and become immersed in interdisciplinary learning

The Non-local Company Attachment Programme will end by December 2019.

Successful applicant will receive the (1) Non-local Company Attachment Award or/and the (2) special financial support. 

The value of each (1) Non-local Company Attachment Award will be up to 90% of the actual cost incurred in taking up the company attachment, like student’s airfare, accommodation, living and incidental expenses etc.  

The (2) special financial support may be granted to awardees on a case-by-case basis for company attachments that show significant benefit for future career development and contribute to building a better society.

Location Award per student Company Attachment Period
Mainland   1. One-fourth of programme fee (Programme fee ≤$5,000)
2. $5,000 (Programme fee > $5,000 or self-solicited programme)
≥ 4 weeks & < 6 weeks
1. One-fourth of programme fee (Programme fee ≤$5,000)
2. $7,500 (Programme fee > $5,000 or self-solicited programme)
≥ 6 weeks
Asia 1. $4,000 (other than Japan, Korea & Singapore)
2. $5,000 (Japan, Korea & Singapore)
≥ 4 weeks & < 6 weeks
1. $7,500 (other than Japan, Korea & Singapore)
2. $10,000 (Japan, Korea & Singapore)
≥ 6 weeks
Africa & others $7,500 ≥ 4 weeks & < 6 weeks
$10,000 ≥ 6 weeks
Australia & New Zealand $10,000 ≥ 4 weeks & < 6 weeks
$12,500 ≥ 6 weeks
Americas & Europe $15,000 ≥ 4 weeks & < 6 weeks
$17,500 ≥ 6 weeks

Here are the non-local internship programmes for reference only. You can join other programmes as deem appropriate.

The Approving Committee has discretion to approve the Award in full or partial amount depending on the programme fee and whether the internship/programme is paid/unpaid.

The amount will be arranged in one-off payment after the reimbursement procedure is completed.

The number of awards offered per annum will depends on the funding availability.

The University reserves the right to demand for full or partial refund of the Award should any students fail to complete the Non-local Company Attachment Programme, misrepresent information in the application, or have major misconduct when taking up the supported activities.

Student has to make declaration at the application form if has received University’s funding or funds secured from other sources related to the Non-local Company Attachment Programme. The amount of funding from other sources will be deducted from the Non-local Company Attachment Award. Student has to check on the regulation of the other source of funding on their eligibility to apply for the Award for the same company attachment.


This Non-local Company Attachment Award shall be offered to full-time CityU registered CB undergraduates who:

  • have attained a cGPA of 2.5 or above in the last semester/term of study;  
  • are recommended by CB Department for the non-local Company Attachment Programme, and successfully completed the Programme; and
  • have never obtained the same Non-local Company Attachment Award before.

Application Procedures and Selection Process

Application Procedures

  1. Complete the application form (click here).   (Take note: Please download the form in your computer first.  Right click the file and choose open with Adobe Reader.  Then fill your details and save the file.   Make sure you have filled the correct details and send it to
  2. Apart from filling out the application form, you are required to submit the following supporting documents:
    1. an internship offer letter/notification email with period of work;
    2. recommendations from Departments (click here);
    3. copy of acknowledgement email from Finance Office stating you have provided your bank account information in AIMS (click here for the screen captures showing the procedures to input your bank account information in AIMS and sample of the acknowledgement email). 
  3. Checklist for application documents’ is available (click here) for reference.

    Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

    ‚ÄčApplication method:  Send the completed application form together with the supporting documents by email to

Selection Process

The Approving Committee will make the final decision in determining the successful applicants and the award amount. It is the responsibility of the applicants to provide all the supporting documents and information. Successful applicants should inform the Approving Committee immediately if there are any changes in the Non-local Company Attachment Programme, including the change of Programme location and duration. The Approving Committee will not accept result appeal after the application result is announced.

Mandatory Requirements for All Successful Applicants

  1. Pre-internship Consultation
    Successful applicants are required to have a consultation meeting with the Business Career Development career advisor.
  2. Upon the approval of your application, participating students are required to provide scanned soft copies of the following documents at least 1 week before your departure:
    1. Scanned copy of the signed student agreement (click here);
    2. Scanned copy of the personal travel insurance type purchased by your own (i.e. guarantee slip showing your name and insurance policy number);
    3. Supporting document (if any).
  3. ‘Checklist for pre-departure documents’ is available (click here) for reference.
  4. Company Supervisor Evaluation Survey
    Ask your company supervisor to evaluate your performance at the end of your Company Attachment Programme by completing the following forms.  Please download the form before you start the Programme:
    • English version for Overseas Internship (Click here
    • Chinese version for Mainland Internship (Click here

Note: Students who fail to submit ANY of the required documents stated above will not be allowed to claim the Award.

Reimbursement procedure

Participating students are required to submit scanned copies of the following documents within 4 weeks upon the completion of your Non-local Company Attachment Programme:

  1. Company Supervisor Evaluation Survey to be completed by your supervisor.
  2. Student Feedback Form (click here) upon completion of the internship.
  3. Self-Reflection Report in English on internship learning with the following framework (click here):
    • Reasons for joining the Non-local Company Attachment Programme;
    • Brief information on the Programme: company name, position, duties and supervisor(s);
    • Contributions and accomplishments;
    • Takeaways from the programme;
    • 400-600 words in length.  Embed at least 2 photos.
  4. Checklist for reimbursement documents’ is available (click here) for reference.
  5. Submit the above scanned documents by email to
  6. You are required to submit the original receipts of expenses incurred.

* Get all the reimbursement documents ready before submission; you must submit the full set of reimbursement documents in one go. 

Note: Students who fail to submit ANY of the required documents stated above will not be permitted to claim reimbursement. The Approving Committee reserves the final discretion on reimbursement of funding for the Awards.