Programme Structure

Participants are required to complete a minimum of 40 credit units in order to attain the EMBA Award conferred by City University of Hong Kong.



^ Participants need to pay extra costs of the Trip (depending on the destination) in addition to the credit unit fees required for the course(s).

~ Tuition fee of this course will follow the fee structure of the "Advanced Management Programme" for current students.

An elective list will be drawn up for each year subject to student demand and staffing constraints.

Participants who wish to pursue CityU's DBA programme after graduation must take FB6812, FB8001D, FB8002D and FB8004D as their EMBA elective courses. Block credit transfer of these courses (total: 12 credit units) to the DBA programme will be arranged upon successful completion of the courses subject to regulations for credit transfer and approval of the University.

The EMBA programme is reimbursable under the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) subject to a maximum of HK$10,000.

Note: Participants who have more than 3 courses with Grade C or below; or more than 2 courses with Grade D or below may not be granted an EMBA award unless they retake those courses to improve the grades in accordance with the University regulations.