Exchange Programme
College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Honorable Members of Exchange Student Club


Exchange Student Club (ESC) was established for welcoming, sharing, gathering to the Outbound and Inbound Students in the College of Business.

While this new Scheme of “Honorable Member”, in which there were ESC members in their university studies, was established in January 2016 to provide advice and guidance to the existing ESC Members, Inbound and Outbound Students.

Right and Duty

Honorable Members have the right to:

  • Join the activities organized by the ESC

Honorable Members have the duty to:

  • Join the sharing session for the outbound students
  • Give suggestion to the outbound students for the pre-exchange planning
  • Provide guidance for the ESC members for the yearly plan of activities

List of Honorable Members

Chan Chui Ying, Janet
Chan Ka Ki, Maggie
Chan Ka Yee, Apple
Cheung Lai Shan, Shirley
Cheung Tsz Lung, Jacky
Hung Yiu Hong, Jason
Lau Ngai Wan, Fontane
Tsang Kwok Wai, George
Wan Chun Wai, Roy
Wong Yuen Kwan, Stetly

(Listed in alphabetical order)