Date 16 April 2015 (Thursday)
Time 6:30 - 8:30pm
Venue Eminence Galaxy – Alumni Function Room, 11/F, Academic 3, CityU
Language Putonghua

Cinema and Culture: Human Dilemma As Expressed in International Cinema

Prof. Jenny Kwok Wah Lau 劉幗華教授

Visiting Professor of School of Creative Media
City University of Hong Kong

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Cinema is frequently ignored or misunderstood by the more educated as a trivial form of popular culture. This talk takes some of the significant films in world cinema and expounds on how cinema in the 20th century could parallel great literature of the past in shedding insights about the human condition. Cinema offers a way to open up essential thoughts and understanding on existential dilemmas and ambiguities that are largely ignored in the current technologically driven, trade-centered culture. Clips from internationally significant films will be shown. 



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