Over the past 26 years, we have nurtured and trained more than 2,500 graduates. Many of them now occupy senior positions in various financial institutions and regulatory agencies in Hong Kong and overseas. They maintain close ties with us and play a very important role in helping our students expand their professional networks.


Li Congzhu Vanessa
2018 Graduate of MSc Finance
Officer, ICBC Asia

"… It is a great chance to study here! Give yourself a chance and you can never imagine how far you can go!" [more]



Wu Zhaoyi Tiffany
2018 Graduate of MSc Finance
Management Trainee, Global Corporate Banking Department, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

"The one-year MSc Finance programme left me an indelible impression. The programme is comprehensive and practical, which provides me with advanced financial knowledge and pragmatic information in financial markets…" [more]



Teng Fei Terry
2018 Graduate of MSc Finance
Fixed Income Department, Shenzhen Stock Exchange

"As a student with the engineering background, the MSF programme has provided me with solid training in finance and helped me to get ready for the finance field. Dedicated professors in CityU impressed me..." [more]



He Jian Jim
2018 Graduate of MSc Financial Engineering

"It was a great time and fruitful journey when studying Financial Engineering at the City University of Hong Kong. Staffs in general office and professors are very nice, always trying to help…" [more]



Li Yingyu Lilith
2018 Graduate of MSc Financial Engineering
Relationship Manager, Nanyang Commercial Bank

"The one year programme is well-organized and provides us with in-depth training. The admirable professors shared their industry experience and expertise, which equipped me with practical skills and the kin sense of the market…" [more]



Fu Lihong
2018 Graduate of MSc Financial Services
Investment Advisor, Wealth Management, China Galaxy Securities Co., Limited

"...No matter in school or outside, we are always on the way of learning and growing. I am proud to be a student of the City University of Hong Kong..." [more]