The financial market is a rapidly changing world. The swift pace of financial innovations in the last decade and the recent financial turmoil have changed the landscape of the financial sector. These changes will call for novel ways of risk management and new financial regulations. Professionals in the financial sector need to continuously update their knowledge lest their expertise will become obsolete.

The MISSION of our programmes is to put our students on a competitive edge in their future professional pursuit in the financial industry.

  • The MSc Finance (MSF) programme aims at providing students with advanced knowledge in financial management including financing & investment strategies and risk management.
  • The MSc Financial Engineering (MSFE) programme targets at helping students acquire advanced quantitative skills to analyze sophisticated derivative models, price and evaluate the risk of complex financial instruments, and develop appropriate risk management strategies.

In the past 30 years, we have successfully facilitated the career development of numerous finance professionals. Many of our graduates now hold senior positions in financial institutions and regulatory agencies all over the world, especially in the Greater China region.