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Conducting Experiment in Central, Hong Kong

From Left to Right: Li King King, Bryan Ho-Kan Kwan (undergraduate student at the LSE, and part-time student research assistant at our lab), Fu Chi Lok (undergraduate student at CityU, research assistant at our lab), Lyu Pumeng (high school student at the Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University)


Undergraduate Research Papers in Experimental Economics

Nokelainen M, Nissling  S, Mataix M  (2015), “Color Cognitive Distortion in Retail Investment Decisions”

Chan CH, Tang KR, Tang WK., Wong KK (2015), “Uncovering the Price of Sin: Do Individual Investors’ Decision Restrained by Social Norms? An Experimental Approach”

Tsui HY,  and MA KW (2015),  “To What Extent Can Scent Enhance Memorization of Brand Information”

Sze WI, Wah SK, Wong CK, Tang HH, Lau CY, Wong FS (2015), “Gender Difference of Searching Behavior”

Cheung CY,  Choi YS, Fu CL, Lau TP, Wu TF (2015), “Public Goods Provision via Emails”

Wong YC, Leung HW, Lee WK, Cheung SK, Kowk TL, Chiu CY (2015), “Under Partial Ambiguity, Are Women More Risk Averse Than Men?”

So MW, Chau WL, Chung YC (2015), “The Impact of Reference Dependent Preference and Asking on Donation Behavior: Evidence from a Fund-rasing Field Experiment”

Chan CY, Fu KH, Hung CH, Law CY, Leung CT, Tso TT (2016) “Trusting and Trustworthy Behavior between Christians and non-Christians”

Choudhury SR, Kim MK, Chang MY, YEH YT, HSU CJ, Jung YS (2016), “Does Exerting Effort Lead to Endowment Effect?” (Winner of the Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS))