EF4485 Experimental Methods in Economics/Finance

2015/2016 Spring

Nokelainen M, Nissling S, Mataix M (2015), “Color Cognitive Distortion in Retail Investment Decisions” [ View ]
Chan CH, Tang KR, Tang WK., Wong KK (2015), “Uncovering the Price of Sin: Do Individual Investors’ Decision Restrained by Social Norms? An Experimental Approach” [ View ]
Tsui HY,  and MA KW (2015),  “To What Extent Can Scent Enhance Memorization of Brand Information” [ View ]
Sze WI, Wah SK, Wong CK, Tang HH, Lau CY, Wong FS (2015), “Gender Difference of Searching Behavior” [ View ]
Cheung CY,  Choi YS, Fu CL, Lau TP, Wu TF (2015), “Public Goods Provision via Emails” View ]
Wong YC, Leung HW, Lee WK, Cheung SK, Kowk TL, Chiu CY (2015), “Under Partial Ambiguity, Are Women More Risk Averse Than Men?” [ View ]
So MW, Chau WL, Chung YC (2015), “The Impact of Reference Dependent Preference and Asking on Donation Behavior: Evidence from a Fund-raising Field Experiment” [ View ]
Chan CY, Fu KH, Hung CH, Law CY, Leung CT, Tso TT (2016) “Trusting and Trustworthy Behavior between Christians and non-Christians” [ View ]
Choudhury SR, Kim MK, Chang MY, YEH YT, HSU CJ, Jung YS (2016), “Does Exerting Effort Lead to Endowment Effect?” [ View ]