Volume 3. Issue 1.
June 2010

Volume 3. Issue 1. June 2010

An Invitation to Theory
Pierre Jinghong Liang

The Impacts of State Ownership on Information Asymmetry: Evidence from an Emerging Market
Jongmoo Jay Choi, Heibatollah Sami, and Haiyan Zhou

Abnormal Audit Fees and Audit Opinion - Further Evidence from China's Capital Market
Zanchun Xie, Chun Cai and Jianming Ye

Assets Expropriation via Cash Dividends? Free Cash Flow or Tunneling
Jeng-Ren Chiou, Yenn-Ru Chen, and Ting-Chiao Huang

Reputation, Accounting Information and Debt Contracts in Chinese Family Firms
Hao Li

Government Control, Uncertainty, and Investment Decisions in China's Listed Companies
Liping Xu, Jingwei Wang and Yu Xin

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