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Welcome - New Assistant Professor

Welcome - New Assistant Professor

2 July 2019

The Department of Management Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. CHEN Zhi joined us in June 2019. Dr CHEN obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Tsinghua University in China, and he holds a PhD degree in Management from the National University of Singapore. Before Joining CityU, he was a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Management at the Imperial College Business School.  His research interests include (1) decision making under uncertainty with different levels of data availability and its applications in decision analysis, operations management, system control, and engineering; (2) cooperative game theory for joint activities and its applications in production economics, risk sharing and risk management. More information can be found from his personal website (

BANL students take home championships in 2019 Beijing-Hong Kong Joint University Big Data Competition

BANL students take home championships in 2019 Beijing-Hong Kong Joint University Big Data Competition

5 June 2019

The Management Sciences Department (MS) organized a study tour to Beijing from May 31 to June 5, 2019. Thirty-five students from the MS Department and the Faculty of Statistics of Renmin University of China formed groups to participate in the 2019 Beijing-Hong Kong Joint University Big Data Competition (2019 京港大学生大数据建模竞赛). Aiming for developing students’ ability of translating knowledge they acquired to real-life big-data analysis, the event enabled participants to exchange ideas, use innovative visualization techniques and models to solve practical problems. Finally in this four-day competition, BANL teams brought home championships and other prizes, as well as the invaluable learning experience.

The event was kicked off in the morning of June 1st. The data used in the competition was collected from a renowned e-commerce operator. It is comprised of their sales data of mobile phone and the corresponding data of comments including mobile phone parameters, promotion information and comments. During the event, six teams were formed in random and each team needed to determine their research topics with the use of data to conduct analysis and reporting. Working days and nights, students were thrilled to acquire new skills and learn from each other in discussions. The judges were impressed with the students’ presentation and their hard work. Students were given constructive suggestions on areas of improvement such as clarification of problem and the use of effective research method and analysis.

“The competition provided an excellent opportunity for students to sharpen their knowledge and skills of data-analysis, inspiring them on how to use innovative ways to solve problems. Most importantly, the event promoted teamwork and friendship among students of the two universities,” commented Geoffrey Tso, Associate Head of the Department of Management Sciences of the City University of Hong Kong.

“The tour is definitely a rewarding experience to me. Through the event, we demonstrated our talents and applied our knowledge acquired in lesson to real-world problems. We also learnt new skills and made new friends, witnessed the high competence and enthusiasm from the students of Renmin University of China,” said Chen Shiqi, student of the Department of Management Sciences of the City University of Hong Kong.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition:

李宇昂 (中国人民大学)
劉浩宇 (中国人民大学)
劉馨宇 (中国人民大学)
LAI Pui Sze (CityU)
LI Chun (CityU)
LIAO Honglin (CityU)

First Runner-up:
娄立威 (中国人民大学)
康欣来 (中国人民大学)
涂豫飞 (中国人民大学)
CHOW Po Ming (CityU)
HEUNG Ka Wing (CityU)
WONG Hang Ching (CityU)

Second Runner-up:
趙家祥 (中国人民大学)
苏錦華 (中国人民大学)
趙增輝 (中国人民大学)
FUNG Nga Kwan Janice (CityU)
LEE Ho Man (CityU)
WONG Wing Yu (CityU) 



BOM students shine in the MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition

BOM students shine in the MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition

1 June 2019

The “SANA” team won the Regional Champion and three teams emerged as the finalists


Congratulations to the students of Business Operations Management (BOM) who performed exceptionally well in the MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition! Competing with over a hundred students from 8 universities, the “SANA” team from BOM took home the Regional Champion in the regional round of the competition.

Twenty BOM students forming 4 five-member teams went through intensive trainings in the last few months to participate in the competition. Thanks to the tremendous effort from all the teams, CityU is the only local university that has three teams ranked the top 9 places and being qualified to represent Hong Kong to compete in the international grand final in August. The finalists will represent Hong Kong to compete with universities’ teams from other countries.

“I am so excited to be part of the team as through the competition, we can consolidate and familiarize with the knowledge of Operations Management learnt in our courses such as the product or process flow design, supply chain concepts, logistics, procurement, inventory, warehouse management and many more. Besides, we enhanced our decision making and communication skills throughout the whole process as well,” said Tam Wai Leung.

MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition is an annual competition hosted by MonsoonSIM, a leading supply chain business simulation software provider, and its partners. Aiming to expose students to the concept of enterprise resource management (ERM), participants were required to operate virtual companies in a simulated business environment to compete with others for the highest business KPIs. This year, 105 students in 21 teams from 8 Hong Kong local universities participated in the Hong Kong regional round on June 1st, 2019. At August’s international grand final, the top 9 teams in the regional round will represent Hong Kong to compete with universities’ teams from Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.


An all-round Tokyo Study Tour provided BANL students with a fun and valuable learning experience

An all-round Tokyo Study Tour provided BANL students with a fun and valuable learning experience

27 May 2019

Cross-cultural learning is of great significance in education. To broaden students’ overseas exposure and align with the University’s strategic goal of globalization, BANL organized the Tokyo Study Tour in late May. Students were able to learn outside the classroom through this all-round study tour which included visits to two universities, two government organizations, four companies and cultural activities.

During the tour, BANL students attended seminars and workshops in Waseda University and Chuo University. Students and staff from both BANL and the universities delivered talks to present their analytical results. Students learnt abundantly from the interactive discussions and Q&A sessions.

Students also visited two government organizations, National Statistics Centre and Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Centre. The Statistical Museum in the National Statistics Centre keeps historical information, the data collection instruments and records. Therefore, through the visit, students were able to see their data collection work and compare it with that of Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, gaining insights into their similarities and differences. During the tour at Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning, students were given emergency trainings for fire and earthquake disasters, which is also a unique experience as such training is scarce in Hong Kong.

Students got an opportunity to visit four companies including Tokyo Stock Exchange Ltd.. As one of the application areas of BANL major is on risk management and use of statistics in economics and finance, the visit enabled students to learn more about the mentioned aspects of Tokyo Stock Exchange Ltd. and compared them with that of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd.. The other three companies, namely Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Oppama Plant, Asahi Factory and NHK Studio Park, are internationally renowned. Visits to these firms allows students to enrich business knowledge on product manufacturing and development, operations and marketing.

This tour balanced the academic and cultural learning satisfactorily by embodying sight-seeing activities in Leimen Asakusa Temple, Sky Tree, etc. The journey created a fun and valuable learning experience to BANL students, providing them a wonderful opportunity to explore and acquire new knowledge in a different culture.  


「2019 神州搵好工——香港大學生北京暑期實習團+師友計劃」
「2019 神州搵好工——香港大學生北京暑期實習團+師友計劃」

「2019 神州搵好工——香港大學生北京暑期實習團+師友計劃」

14 March 2019

「2019 神州搵好工——香港大學生北京暑期實習團+師友計劃」



      如有垂詢,歡迎與岑小姐聯絡 ( 電話:23283544 或 66830722; 電郵。


傑出學生分享 &小冊子:








BANL Industrial Mentoring Scheme 2018/19

BANL Industrial Mentoring Scheme 2018/19

2 March 2019

With the objective of broadening students’ perspective towards the world of work and developing their qualities and potentials towards a specific career field, the BANL program committee has organized the Industrial Mentoring Scheme (IMS) to our students.

This year, we have invited nine alumni from banking & finance industry, government sectors, and business consulting firm to act as our industrial mentors. At the IMS kick-off meeting which held on 2 March 2019, the mentors shared their industrial experience and job seeking tips to the mentees.

One of the mentees, Janice Fung, said “I am glad that I had an opportunity to join the Industrial Mentoring Scheme. After chatting with my mentor, Ms. Mani So, I understood more about the working environment in the banking industry, especially in the risk management field. She shared her working experiences with me, including what she encountered at work and how she applied the knowledge learned in CityU to her job duties etc. Through her sharing, I identified my career goal more clearly. I hope to keep in touch with Mani so that I can learn more from her!”


Data Mining Challenge Award 2018 and 2019

Data Mining Challenge Award 2018 and 2019

2 March 2019

The Data Mining Challenge Award Presentation Ceremony 2018 and 2019 was held on 2 March 2019 at City University of Hong Kong. This award was sponsored by SAS Institute (HK) Ltd. to the students of the Department of Management Sciences who did well in their project work of the course “Enterprise Data Mining” in the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 academic year.


Congratulations to the winners:

Champion: Chan Sai Hong, Hui Cheuk Ying Priscilla, Ngai Chun Tat, Tai Wing Ki, Yip Hoi Ching

First runner-up: Chan Wai Hon Lukas, Chau Sing Fai, Liu Ying Wo, Wong Chik Ngai, Wong Hiu Tung

Second runner-up: Luk Yan Lin, Tan Hang Yi, Wong Yee Ching, Wu Jinger, Yung Wing


Thank you SAS Institute (HK) Ltd. for the sponsoring.

MonsoonSIM Training Workshops and Competition

MonsoonSIM Training Workshops and Competition

21 February 2019

BOM major is holding a series of training workshops with Creative Talent Asia, the exclusive authorized distributor for the MonsoonSim Supply Chain Simulation Game started on week 5 for bi-weekly basis until the end of this semester.  The top three performance teams will be then sent to the competition with other universities in HK on 1 June and to the regional competition on 10 & 11 August, 2019.