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Event Details
Date : Friday, 17 September 2021
Venue : Virtual Business Career Fair via EventX
Time : 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Registration : Student Registration (a unique access token will be sent to all registered students by 16 Sep afternoon)

Plan your schedule well to visit as many virtual company booths as possible to review their company info, videos and job postings;
List of Internship and Graduate job opportunities;
Live chat with employers from S&P 500 companies and MNCs by text chat, audio or video calls;
Prep your Q&A to engage with Recruiters via their Live Streaming Broadcast;
Download all the company leaflets on your way out;
Online recruitment talks throughout the week of 13 Sep – 17 Sep; and is
Open to all students of City University of Hong Kong.


Register from the EventX portal to get started!

You may expect to receive a separate confirmation email from CB a day before the virtual fair with your unique access token to enter the virtual portal. Check your junk mailbox as well.

Only CityU email domains will be accepted (i.e.,

Job Postings and Application

Direct Application via Company Career Page
Students can visit the company virtual booths to obtain the latest opportunities on their internship and graduate programmes. To apply, students will be diverted to the employer’s official website for direct applications.

Send CV during a Private Call
Schedule a private call with Recruiters and send your CV directly to them from private chat with one-click ‘Send CV’.  Instant discussion and consultation with Recruiters.  Use the built-in Meetup function to schedule calls with Recruiters in advance.  Always ask before making a call!

Chat with Recruiters

Virtually greet the Recruiters at the chat room.

Text Chat - Students can start a conversation with recruiters in both individual chatroom and booth public chatroom. For students who want a detailed and informative explanation from recruiters can choose to leave a message at the booth. Click ‘Leave a Message’, the message will be sent to recruiters in an email format.

Video Call - If you want to leave an audio message for recruiters, touch and hold the recording icon in chatrooms. Be specific and concise in the audio message. Introduce yourself first before you state the purpose of your audio message. Remember to keep it short, clear, and to the point.

Group Video Chat – Employers can conduct video calls with students in both individual chatroom and booth public chatroom, vice versa. Use Meetup or ask for the Recruiter’s availability first before sending any video call request.

Online Recruitment Talks and CB Alumni Sharing (13 Sep – 17 Sep)

To warm up the students for the virtual fair, a series of recruitment talks will be hosted by the participating employers.  Check out the talk schedule and register asap.

Recordings of recruitment talks might not be published afterwards due to privacy data reasons.  Plan your talk schedule and register via CRESDA well in advanced.

Live Streaming Broadcast at Virtual Booth
Recruiters will host a 45-minutes Live Streaming Chat at their own virtual booth. Mark your schedule and prepare your list of questions to consult with Recruiters at the spot!

Meetup – Schedule a call with Recruiters
Click the ‘Meetup’ icon, select a Recruiter, pick a date and timeslot to schedule an appointment. Your request will then be sent to the exhibitor by email. Some Recruiters may be available for Meetup scheduling from 17 Sep – 24 Sep subject to their availability.  Please be reminded the appointment cannot be cancelled less than 2 hours before the meeting.

Electronic Company Brochures
Students can download Electronic Company Brochures by the participating employers during the event. After entering the booth, click ‘Resources’ and download all the relevant documents, flyers and brochures for your future reading.

Step up and prepare to meet with Recruiters virtually
Tips to Ace the Business Career Fair
Schedule a Career Consultation to review your CV prior to the virtual fair

Technical Assistance
For enquires during the virtual fair, you may visit the ‘Information Desk’ from the lobby to contact the Business Career Development team for immediate assistance or find us at the public chat room.