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Event Details
Date : Monday, 7 Sep 2020
Venue :
Time : 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Registration : Create your login and CV profile from the vFair portal

Visit each of the company virtual booths to review their company info, videos and job postings.
List of Internship and Graduate job opportunities
Live chat with employers from S&P 500 companies and MNCs by text or video chat
One-click online application & interview
Download company leaflets to your online swag bag as take away
Online recruitment talks and live Q&A
Open to all Business students of City University of Hong Kong

Create a login from the vFair portal to get started!

Only CityU email domains will be accepted (i.e.,

One-click Application
Students will be required to upload their CVs upon registration. Each student can only upload 1 CV per account. Add a video resume if you have one to impress the Recruiters! You can also publish your CV profile to allow Recruiters to search for you. This is not something that can be done at a physical career fair so don’t miss out this important gadget.

As you tour around the virtual business career fair, you can browse through the job postings from companies to companies and then apply with one-click ‘Apply for this job’. Alternatively, you can visit the ‘Job Listings’ from the lobby to view the full list of jobs at a glance.

Live Chat with Recruiters
Virtually greet the Recruiters at the chat room.

Text Chat - Enter the chat room through the ‘Networking’ tab from the lobby or ‘Chat’ located at each of the company virtual booth to start a dialogue. You may choose to text chat with the Recruiters through public chat or private chat.

Video Call - Recruiters may choose to video chat with students via the built-in video call function inside a private chat room. For students who want to video chat with Recruiters, you are recommended to politely ask the Recruiters for their availability first and then video call the Recruiters.

Group Video Chat – This is an open group chat with Recruiters via Microsoft Teams. Each of the virtual booths has its own lounge with a designated Microsoft Team meeting link. Inside the lounge, you can virtually meet with the Recruiters for Q&A just like when you are at the physical career fair. The lounge may only be opened at certain timeslots so do check out the ‘Chat Time Schedule’.

Online Recruitment Talks
14 companies will be delivering recruitment talks on 7 Sep scheduled between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Check out the talk schedule from the Agenda. Plan your visits and register via CRESDA to attend as many as possible. Visit the ‘Auditorium’ to enter the talks at the scheduled time. Take the opportunity to engage with the Recruiters and leave a possible first impression at the Q&A!

Swag Bag
As you visit the virtual booths, remember to download all the company leaflets and materials to your ‘Swag Bag’. On your way out, visit your ‘Swag Bag’ from the lobby to email all the materials to yourself for take home reading. Go green!

Gear up for your job hunting
Tips to Ace the Business Career Fair
Schedule a Career Consultation to review your CV prior to the Business Career Fair

Technical Assistance
For enquires during the virtual fair, you may visit the ‘Information Desk’ from the lobby to contact the Business Career Development team for immediate assistance or technical assistance, or find us at the public chat room ‘Networking’.