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What is a career fair?

It is a conventional exhibition for employers to showcase their internship and graduate openings for 2024. Students should take this opportunity to meet with recruiters and seek advice for job requirements, company culture, career prospects, application procedures, and etc. Students from all years and majors are suggested to attend as this will be a critical event for your job search.

Company Mapping

Conduct research on the companies before the event. Take a look at their business landscape, corporate values, project development, recent media and achievements to help you better understand their corporate development and allows you to engage in substantial conversations.

Job Application Preparation

Digest the job descriptions; highlight the essential requirements and job functions, and customize your CV based on the job requirements.

An effective CV should include a summary, education, work experience, relevant projects, extra-curricular activities, achievements, and technical skills. Book a consultation with a Career Advisor to review your CV before application.

Onsite Application

Bring hard copies of your CV to submit your application and review it with Recruiters at the spot.

On-site Interview

Some companies may conduct on-site interview with students. It is a preliminary screening process with a focus on your CV, passion to the company, basic job knowledge, verbal presentation & behaviour. Shortlisted students will then be invited to a formal interview after the fair.

How to leave a positive impression to recruiters?

Put yourself in the shoe, if you are the recruiter, what kind of students would catch your eye ball?

Introduce yourself:

  1. Dress neat – Professional manner
  2. A pleasant smile 😊 – Show your positive energy, confidence, readiness and you are approachable.
  3. My name is ___, year __ student majoring in __________.
  4. What can you contribute? (relevant experience, job skills, projects, technologies, strengths)
  5. What is your passion & career interest? What are you looking for today?
  6. Seek for advice on next steps.
  7. Thank Recruiters by their names to show respect.

Prepare questions:

  1. Ask specific and constructive questions to show genuine interests and passion, things that are not publicly searchable online or already on the company leaflets.
  2. Vision - Don’t just focus on the job nature itself, you can also consult about the industry positioning, company development, talent development plans, success stories, career prospects, licensing qualifications and etc. to help you assess your career plan.
  3. Prepare open-ended questions to maintain a 2-way interactive conversation.
  4. Ask follow up questions – don’t be shy as this is for your career.

Are freshmen welcome?

Of course! This is an important step for your career planning.

Map out the relevant companies and note down the job requirements. Identify your skills gap, then start planning your job search, extra-curricular activities and study schedule according to your career direction.

  • Any early careers or pre-internship programmes for freshmen or sophomore students?
  • What kind of activities or part-time experiences can be an advantage to your future internship application?
  • What are the highest demanding skills?
  • Would the interview period clash with your study exchange schedule?
  • Dive deep on the career prospects, what are the options and character-fit?

A warm closing:

If appropriate, send a simple thank you message to recruiters on LinkedIn within 24 hours.


For enquires on Business Career Fair logistics arrangements, please contact Business Career Development at for assistance.