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CDP - Slash Career – Sharing by Benedict Yuen

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Date: 12-Oct-23
Venue: 8-210, 8/F, Lau  Building
Title: CDP - Slash Career – Sharing by Benedict Yuen
Speaker: Mr. Benedict Yuen
Mr. Benedick Yuen, a forerunner of what is known as a “Slashie”, been recognizable in Hong Kong as a KOL, TV Host, Traveler, Entrepreneur, MC, Influencer. Shared with students his story on slasher journey from how he realized his multiple potentials and maximized them; push factors of starting a slasher career; how does he manage his multiple career identity; how he overcame all the constraints and hurdles; what kept him ongoing; what was his biggest take away and job satisfaction as a Slasher; and most importantly, what it takes to become a successful Slasher.