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ITC-STEM Internship Scheme - Sem A 2023/24

Date: 20 September to 2 November 2023

Eligible student interns who have completed a STEM-related internship with a satisfactory performance review with academic department's endorsement will receive an allowance of HK$11,190/month capped at 3 months in total as a maximum period in each academic year (Sep 2023–Aug 2024).

• UG and PG students who are enrolled in one of the eligible full-time STEM programmes- CFIN, CFFT, IS, MS or see guidelines p.13
• For non-local students, STEM internship must be conducted physically in Hong Kong
• Internship period is minimum 28 and maximum 90 consecutive full-time calendar days
• The start and end day should be a working day
NOT allowed to take 14 days or more of unpaid leaves, otherwise, it would render the job a part-time one
• Students attending regular course(s) for 2 days or more per week during the internship should NOT be considered as full-time interns
• Internship should be ending on or before 30 November 2023
• Not previously hired by the same employer in the same academic year
• Have a satisfactory performance assessment and attendance
• Not received/not receiving STEM allowance which exceeds 3 months in the same academic year
• Be able to submit the completed, signed and stamped ITC-STEM Assessment Form
• Any other requirements specified on the attached ITC-STEM Internship Scheme guidelines.

STEM Jobs for CB students
CB STEM Job Postings
• Please refer to job postings with a caption of [STEM] for the approved STEM positions
• Students may apply directly to the companies. Shortlisting will be conducted on a rolling basis until the job is filled so you are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

1. Prior to offer acceptance, please upload the required supporting documents via the STEM Offer Acceptance Form by 2 Nov 2023 for endorsement.
2. After the internship, submit the signed and stamped ITC-STEM Assessment Form to by 23 Jan 2024.


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