Department of Economics and Finance
Master of Science in Applied Economics

Tuition Fees & CEF

The programme follows a credit unit system. A minimum of 30 credit units is required for graduation. For students entering the programme in September 2023, the tuition fee is HK$9,600 per credit unit. Furthermore, the University will charge a graduation fee of HK$400 and CityU Postgraduate Association (CUPA) will charge a membership fee of HK$300 (full-time students).

The estimated costs for non-local students to complete the MSc programme in 12 months (2023/24) are as follows:

  HK$ US$
Tuition Fee (HK$9,600/credit unit x 30 credit units) 288,000 36,920
Rent (approximately HK$7,000/month x 12 months)* 84,000 10,800
Living Expenses (e.g. food, transportation, etc.) 54,000 6,900
Books and Photocopies 4,000 510
Total 430,000 55,130

* Non-local students have to arrange their own off-campus accommodation. The rental payment in the private housing market in Hong Kong can vary quite substantially depending on the location and quality of the property.

    NB: US$1.0 = HK$7.8

For eligibility and detailed information, please refer to the website of Continuing Education Fund at