Volume 15, Issue 1. March 2022

Volume 15, Issue 1. March 2022

Do supply shocks in the audit partner labor market affect auditor choice? Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment
Yanming Cao, Zhuoan Feng

Linguistic specificity and stock price synchronicity
Wei Zhao, Hanfang Yang, Hua Zhou

Product market competition and the disclosure of supply chain information
Yue Chen, Xiaotong Yang, Chun Yuan, Bing Zhu

Tax credit rating and corporate innovation decisions
Xuehang Yu, Junxiong Fang

The impact of anti-corruption measures and risk effects on equity incentives and financial misreporting in China
Zili Su, Constantinos Alexiou

Stock market restrictions and corporate social responsibility: Evidence from IPO suspension in China
Shanmin Li, Ruoming Yang, Jueting Zhou

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