Volume 15, Issue 3. September 2022

Volume 15, Issue 3. September 2022

Labor protection, information disclosure and analyst forecasts: Evidence from China's Labor Contract Law
Xiaojia Zheng, Yunfei Yang, Yanyan Shen

Stock index adjustments and analysts' forecast optimism: A quasi-natural experiment on the CSI 300 Index
Shangkun Liang, Huaigu Cui, Chun Yuan

Market misvaluation and corporate innovation: "Catering" or "risk aversion"? — Empirical evidence from China capital market
Danglun Luo, Zhanfeng Wu, Jingsi Zhuo, Jianmei He

Government R&D spending, fiscal instruments and corporate technological innovation
Dapeng Tang, Yuan Li, Hao Zheng, Xin Yuan

Non-actual controllers and corporate innovation: Evidence from China
Shanzhong Du, Lianfu Ma

Do companies compare employees' salaries? Evidence from stated-owned enterprise group
Chuang Lu, Yuhao Niu

Standardization of the strategy translation process, procedural fairness in budgeting and firm performance
Wenxuan Duan, Hezun Li, Jian Sun, Guang Yang

Does an abnormal change in deferred tax assets interfere with analysts' earnings forecasts?
Yujia Xue

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