Volume 16, Issue 2. June 2023

Volume 16, Issue 2. June 2023

Earnings seasonality, management earnings forecasts and stock returns
Danling Jiang, Pan Song, Hongquan Zhu

Mandatory CSR disclosure and analyst forecast properties: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in China
Haina Shi, Byron Y. Song, Huifeng Xu, Xiaodong Xu

The state capital investing and operating company pilot reform and SOE bailouts
Chuyi Wu, Liping Xu, Yu Xin

Mandatory information disclosure and innovation: Evidence from the disclosure of operational information
Jinyang Liu, Kangtao Ye, Yurou Liu

Confucian culture and the external pay gap
Weimin Xie, Jialu Guo, Hengxin Zhang

Religiosity and bank earnings management: Revisiting international evidence
Tanzina Akhter, Abul Kalam Azad

Government social media and corporate tax avoidance
Qi Jiang, Yanli Chen, Tianjun Sun

Can blockchain technology be effectively integrated into the real economy? Evidence from corporate investment efficiency
Jing Du, Yun Shi, Wanfu Li, Ying Chen

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