Volume 16, Issue 3. September 2023

Volume 16, Issue 3. September 2023

Stakeholder demands and corporate social responsibility: Evidence from the Olympic Games
Trung K. Do, Henry Hongren Huang, Liwei Shan, Albert Tsang, Li Yu

Improving internal control quality as a corporate response to the Forbes Rich List
Bei Luo, Zhimin Tian

Free cash flow productivity among Chinese listed companies: A comparative study of SOEs and non-SOEs
Deren Xie, Xuezhi Shi, Jinsong Liu, Ziyang Zhu

More words but less investment: Rookie CEOs and firms digital transformations
Wenting Zhang, Chuang Lu, Shangkun Liang

Governance or reputation? Flexible tax enforcement and excess goodwill: Evidence from the taxpaying credit rating system in China
Jingbo Luo, Chun Guo

Repairing damaged reputations through targeted poverty alleviation: Evidence from private companies strategies to deal with negative media coverage
Guochao Yang, Shuang Wei, Kejing Chen, Yingying Ren

Local government centralization and corporate ESG performance: Evidence from China's county-to-district reform
Qihang Xue, Huimin Wang, Xiaole Ji, Jian Wei

Market manipulation by rumormongers: Evidence from insiders stock selling
Yan Tan, Wenting Zhang, Xiangting Kong

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